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9 Best Business Casual Shoes For Men

 Long gone are the days in most instances where guys have to show up for work completely suited, booted but on the other hand, in most places, you can't do the other extreme and be too casual hence the term business casual and the thing about it, it can be kind of vague extremes and rigid minute situations actually are easier there's no guesswork when it comes to business casual there is some guesswork I understand and that's why I want to help you along with the right shoes for business casual.

In today's article, I'm going to give you a wide range of choices you can choose from to make sure you're most likely to wear the right shoes for work.

The dressy brogue

The dressy brogue shoe

The first up on our list for the nine best shoes for business casual is what I suggest as the no-brainer, pick the one you can wear in almost any work situation that I highly recommend you to wear, 

Now, what is a brogue? A brogue is a dress shoe with these perforations around, these decorative perforations are the brogues, thus the term a brogue shoe, now the different styles of brogue shoes will have more or less broguing, and the more broguing is the less formal, and less broguing is the more formal one of my favorite types of shoes, and most versatile that happens to be a brogue, I absolutely love a wingtip, it has the wing shape it's not formal as the most formal shoes because any decoration on a shoe automatically makes it less dressy making a brogue an excellent choice for business casual. this is how to choose the right suit for your body

Chukka boot 

Chukka boot for male

The great choice for a guy who's just moving into a more business casual environment and is trying to elevate, but isn't quite ready for a typical dress shoot, and the chukka boot is an ankle-high boot usually made of leather, or suede with open lacing this is your open lacing system when the eyelet is sewn on top of what's called the vamp giving you the open look, open lacing as opposed to clothes which well talk about later is a more casual style of shoe, what I love about the chukka boot?  it works got a wide range of guys especially for a blue-collar guy who's trying to dress a little bit more business, or for the dressier guy who's trying to tone it down, it's masculine and rugged, but still business casual appropriate.

Speaking of shoes with an open lacing system that brings us the next one on the list

Derby shoe 

men's Derby shoe

It's simply a dress shoe with an open lacing system making it less formal than a closed lace system dress shoe.

Chuckle boot

Chuckle boot for men

Once again talked you with the chuckle boot the open lacing system is when the eyelets are sold on top of the event giving you that open look on the top of the shoe, and one of the great benefits about the derby shoe it's more comfortable because of the open lacing, and it's not as restrictive as a closed lace shoe and I found that the derby is very versatile, it's going to work in a wide range of business casual situations.

The oxford 

The oxford shoe for men

At Oxford, we have what we called the closed lacing system as opposed to the open lace. 

Closed lacing system the eyelets are sewn under the van giving you a more clean formal shoe, those are the key characteristics of an oxford, it's clean, formal, and it has a closed lace system.

Oxford is a classic that you can wear from formal on down, so if you work in a business casual environment but it leans towards more dressy I highly recommend you take a look at an oxford dress shoe.

The coolest jeans trends for men

Dress boot 

men's Dress boot

that's one I feel is highly underrated a great choice for business casual, grab yourself a pair two of dress boots, now for the uninitiated dress boot are exactly what they sound like, they're boots in the form of a dress shoe, and that's what I love about dress boots, they're the best of both worlds, and they give you that rugged warm feel of the boot, but still they're dressy enough to get away with in business casual situations, and another great thing about these boots is if you have a favorite style of dress shoe there's usually a dress boot counterpart, for example, I'm a huge lover of a wingtip dress shoe, therefore, you'll see me having wingtip dress boots.

The dress boot is a way for you to have your cake and eat it too, the ruggedness and warmth of a boot and the dressiness of a dress shoe. 

Chelsea boot 

men's Chelsea boot

For those who are unaware, a Chelsea boot is a close-fitting ankle height boot with elastic side panels and in addition to those traits it's sleek, elegant, and unadorned making it a little dressier than a lot of other boots.

Remember the less decoration you have on the shoe the more formal it is, of course, as you see with the Chelsea boot smooth sleek with no adornment, and I absolutely love this one for business casual, in my opinion, a leather Chelsea boot is more appropriate for work than suede although suede is a classic, many people see that as a more casual boot, and I can see where they're coming from but whether you choose leather or suede, a great choice for a business casual setting.


Loafers shoe for men

The all-time classic and year-round staple, he's very easy to wear and never goes out of style, of course, comes in a wide range of styles and a defining characteristic, no laces and it's a slip-on shoe.

Now here's the thing no laces means more casual, and no slip-on shoe is going to be as dressy as a dress shoe with laces, so keep that in consideration if you work in a more formal environment loafers might not work all-time classic works in most situations and is comfortable, you definitely can't go wrong considering a loafer for business casual.

Monk strap shoe

men's Monk strap shoe

It's probably a personal favorite of most stylish guys, an excellent choice I highly recommend you take a look at him, and here's why I love monk straps for business casual?

they combine the sleekness of a dress shoe, but the detailing of the buckle makes it stand out and gives a little bit of a casual feel, I find the monk strap to be super versatile I'll wear it with anything from a sit down to a pair of jean, now remember what I said earlier, any shoe with some decoration on it automatically becomes less formal so keep that in mind if you work in a very formal situation, but in any situation, besides the most formal I highly recommend the monk strap.

I promised you nine different shoes for business casual and of those nine I want to tell you what's just as important as knowing what to wear,

that's what not to wear in business casual I highly recommend you stay away from athletic shoes like sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops, I recommend unless you're in a more blue-collar setting probably staying away from work boots, although you may work in a business casual situation and you don't have to be suited and booted it doesn't mean you can get away with being the most casual sneakers, flip-flops, and the like. That's taking it too far but if you choose one or two of the choices we talked about in today's article I think you'll be ready in almost any business casual.

I'd love to have your input, let me know what's your favorite choices? or if you think I left one off the list let us know in the comment.  

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