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 Hey guys, do you know your face shape? 

The reason I'm asking this is that because there's a lot of guys out there who reach out to me asking me Ilyasse what kind of hairstyle will fit in with me? What kind of beard should i try? 

Well, when I spoke to them i realize they don't really know their face shape? so let's start at the beginning, at the basics because you need to know your face shape before you will know what kind of hairstyles and beard styles will fit in with you specifically, so in this post I'm going quickly explain to you exactly, how you can determine your face shape let's get to it.

There are 7 basic face shapes you got oval, square, rectangle, round, diamond, heart, and triangular. 

7 basic face shapes for men

Get a flexible tape measure and get a notebook

 Step 1

 measure your forehead, measure the widest part of your forehead, across your face from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the opposite side, write it down.

Step 2 

we're going to measure our cheekbones.

Place the tap across the pointiest parts, just below the outer corner of each eye.

Step 3

 the jawline:

start below your ear and then measure it to the tip of your chin.

okay now just double it for the other side and write it down.

Step 4 

which the last one we're going to measure the length of your face 

start at the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin

it's important to do this accurately because the difference between a square face and a rectangular face is only around 2 inches, so you got to do it accurately.

Compare your measurements

all right so the last thing we got to do is to compare your measurements with all the different face shapes and see which one is yours.

now the key here is to look at the measurement that is the biggest, and the largest.

let's start with:

 The diamond shape 

if you have a diamond shape, your face length is the largest, your cheekbone is the second biggest, and then your forehead, and lastly the jawline which is the smallest.

 Triangular face shape

your jawline is the biggest, the jawline is bigger than the cheekbones, and the cheekbones are larger than the forehead.

 Now if you have a: 

Heart face shape

 your forehead is bigger than cheekbones and your jawline, the chin is also usually pointed out a bit more.

Round face shape 

your face length and cheekbones are roughly the same size and it's bigger than your jawline and forehead.

now just one thing you gotta remember here: if you are a little be more overweight you might think that you are born with a round face, but it might not be true because if you are overweight your face will look rounder. 

So if you want to know your true face shape, you got to lose the weight, if you lose the weight, then you'll see your true face shape. 

The oval face shape 

the face length is greater than the cheekbones and the forehead is bigger than the jawline and the jawline is more rounded.

The square face shape 

it's easy because all four of the lengths are usually similar, the only difference in most cases is that the jawline is more sharper. 

Rectangle or oblong face shape 

your jawline cheekbones and forehead is roughly the same size, but your face length is the biggest.

7 basic face shapes you got oval, square, rectangle, round, diamond, heart, and triangular.

all right guys, now whenever I talk about different styles and hairstyles and beard styles and different face shapes that will look good with it you'll know exactly what will look good with you because now you know your face shape. 

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