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4 Dressing Rules Men Always Get Wrong

look when it comes to men's style it's actually relatively easy,

you want to make sure things fit right!!.

make sure it's the right color. 

Make sure it's in the right season, and you got a good fit see as opposed to women, it's a little bit more complex for men, the bar is set so low almost anybody can dress better. 

However, even the bar is set this low men still find a way to screw things up today boys I'm going to show you the 4 dressing rules men still get wrong to this day that's making you look bad.

 let's go 

number 1 I call it:

 the time and place rule

Men's office wear styles and ideas 2021 trends to follow

look i get it, i love that comfortable basics trend who doesn't want to live in comfortable clothing shoot there i have a whole company of just basics sell you this exact product because it's so amazing however understanding time and place is so crucial see. 

Men cannot realize or fail to learn how to dress for the right occasion.

what you forget is that not only do you have to worry about being comfortable, but you also have to worry about the message that you're sending without you wanting it, or not your clothing sends a message before you even say a word so if you're going on a first date,, or you're going to an interview, or in any situation that you have to look presentable, you have to move away from the comfortable stuff and move into the fitted stuff that makes you look more mature, and more serious knowing when to and how to dress, is the first crucial step into dressing better 

number 2:

 Understanding face shapes rule

face shapes determination guide

I bet you right now if I ask what's your face shape? Most of you have no clue what your face shape is 

but you need to understand the shape of your face because this will determine:

what beard style you'll use?

what hairstyle you'll use?

and even what frames you'll use?

see once you understand the face shape you can then choose those styles of the beard of hair and even eyewear that can then make your face look more attractive and help you dress better but if you don't even know your face shape, you won't even know where to start when it comes to styling this area of your body and look I'm going to make it super simple for you I'm actually  going to make it as easy as possible for you 

If you guys go to this link, you'll read an entire article about it and be sure it's easy to know your face shape. so anybody that's reading I'd recommend you guys go do that right now click the link

number 3:

You're still dressing for others

old man wearing for others

 See, there are two groups of people that fall into this trap. 

One, you got the dude that dresses all comfortable so he can fit in within his circle of friends so his friends don't roast him so his friends don't ridicule him just because he's trying to level up his style,

I see these types of emails all day long of people that don't know how to level up because they fear the ridicule of their own people, so they just stay in their comfortable wardrobe in other words, they're still dressing to impress their friends instead dressing to make themselves feel better and level themselves up. Which then rolls into the second type of person, that means the type of dude that will go and buy all designer this is the type of dude that buys the flashiest craziest trends why not because he likes it himself, but because he wants to impress other people, because he wants to fool other people into thinking that he has money, both of these types of people are falling for the same trap and the problem is that is making you uncomfortable.

The problem is that it's not true to you.

you see here's the biggest problem that I see with this group of people this is the type of person that will dress in their comfortable attire so they stay comfortable within their group of friends, so their friends don't mock them as they're levelling up their style the dudes that don't know where to start or don't know how to dress better because they fear the ridicule of their own friends.

brother here's the reality when people see you levelling up of course they're going to make fun of you because they don't want you to improve.

They want you to bring you down, so you stay at their level. This is the problem, if you want to overgrow with your style you're going to have to get a little uncomfortable any type of growth requires a little uncomfort, and when it comes to levelling up stop dressing to impress your friends, and dress to impress yourself to fuel your own confidence that's how you grow past that and makes you stand out from a crowd which rolls down to number four most dudes don't understand their own body shape see because the ideal male body shape is that inverted triangle right that very strong shoulders thin waist and then strong tree trunks at the bottom but not everybody's shaped that way you got pairs you got people that are shaped like ovals or circles you got guys that are shaped like squares or rectangles the truth is that everybody has their own body and if you don't understand your own you're not going to learn how to dress?

oversized clothing trendfor men

for example that oversized clothing trend that looks good on athletic and thin guys because it even makes you look a little bit thicker and bigger, but I'm really overweight guys the problem is that all that excess fabric makes you look even more overweight, makes you look like a parachute so you're going to want to actually cut away a lot of that excess fabric to trim down the visual weight of your body so that's where understanding your body shape becomes important, so you can wear the right clothing that's actually going to make you look good 

and finally number 4 

You don't need a new wardrobe 

Minimalist Wardrobe for men

The mistake that most people believe, that they need a new wardrobe to look good see most guys don't start dressing better, they think they need a lot of money, or they have to replace their entire wardrobe to look better the truth is you don't see, all you got to do is strip down to your basics that have in your wardrobe and you want to grab those basics take them to your tailor and get them fitted. 

See I actually wanted to test out this theory, 

At the end of the day, fit is still The King, and I wanted to test out this theory and I actually did a whole social study where I grabbed ten guys, nine of the guys were wearing designer head to toe every fit was two to five thousand dollars plus per fit one of the guys was my infiltrator this dude was wearing a Walmart 30 dollar outfit that I got perfectly tailored for his body here's the interesting part he has not singled out the goal within the blog was for the guys to be able to single out the infiltrator the guy that wearing cheap clothing or the clothing that wasn't named brand nobody was able to single out my guy which was the Walmart guy because at the end of the day fit is the king that's all people realize letting you know it doesn't matter if you got Walmart or Salvatore Ferragamo in your closet you don't need a new wardrobe all you got to make sure is you got your basics to fit right. 

And that's basically it for this day's blog guys like I said dressing right for men it's easy but men still continue to make one of these five mistakes that are making you look bad. That's it for me today boys.

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