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9 Habits of successful people you need to follow

We're going to discuss 9 daily habits you'll often find in successful men. Human beings, in general, are creatures of habit and some of these habits is good, or bad, productive or counterproductive, and of course, most of us would like to know which habits tend to be more productive and can lead to more success that's what we're going to talk about on today's article and i encourage you to try to adapt as many of these habits into your daily routine to give you more chances to be successful so let's hop into it.

Many successful men have, and they tend to be big dreamers and thinkers

Many successful men have, and they tend to be big dreamers and thinkers

The old cliche that you have heard that first you must believe it to achieve it is very true, first have to visualize your success before you can start down that path and what you'll often find that a lot of very successful people, other people used to laugh at the size or the scope of their dream almost every success first starts with a thought, a dream so make sure every day you take time to dream, think and visualize a big goal because you can't achieve goals if you don't first think about.

 Write your thoughts

Writing thoughts

After you start thinking about these dreams and potential successes, you should write these thoughts down, a lot of unsuccessful people, although they might dream and think about it, they can forget them just as soon as they come to mind.

Make sure you write these goals and aspirations down. What i found is that when you write things down they become more real, and more concrete. And after writing them down it's much easier to keep track of them here's where when you often separate some people they'll dream and think about stuff like i suggested in the first tip but they don't write them down which can help you get started on achieving the dream it's been found that most successful people keep in journal of some sort make sure you join that group.

Take care of your body

Take care of your body

The success doesn't just end with having a stronger mind, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations you need to be a stronger mind and stronger body that's why you'll notice most successful people pay a lot of attention to taking care of their body. I'm talking about exercising and eating as well as possible.

think about it the better shape you're in the better you take care of yourself the more efficiently your body will work a stronger efficient body leads to more productivity leading to more success, and you can't have one without the other, you should exercise well but you also to eat well, as i said successful people know it doesn't just stop a strong mind. 

no matter how well we eat it's just the fact that most of us will not get all the nutrients we need from the foods we consume that's why i highly recommend you do what i do to fill in those nutritional gaps take a multivitamin.

Did you know that over 70% of men don't get enough vitamin E, and over 97% of men don't get enough vitamin D.

for more informations i recommend you visit these links:

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No better time than the present 

No better time than the present

one of the best predictors if you're going to get something done is actually starting and one of the biggest thieves of success procrastination, I have to admit one thing I've had to fight over and over is procrastination but i found that every time I've been able to defeat procrastination I've been much more likely to succeed and that's the thing the road to success starts with that initial step.

you'll find that a lot of unsuccessful people put things off to tomorrow but on the other hand the successful people always remember there's no better time than the present so if you want to increase the likelihood that you'll succeed just get started seize the day. 

One of the main reasons why a lot of unsuccessful people don't take that first step and seize the day is that taking that first step is often uncomfortable and here's where you see the difference in most successful people they realize most success comes outside of your comfort zone, going to be some growing.

 pains they're going to be some discomfort, but they face that discomfort head on and i get it, a lot of us fear the unknown but don't think successful people don't have those fears too they just face them, and they know if they do the same thing they've been doing day after day, and year after year, they've going to have the same result but stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears leads to new experiences, and new successes but on the on the other hand you'll often find that successful people don't just go out into the world willy-nilly without first arming themselves.

Read every day as much as you can 

Read every day as much as you can

 Smart people are constantly learning, you will find these people do what I often recommend you do, they read every day and they're always acquiring new knowledge, expanding their mental horizons, and taking in more information, the more information you have the more likely you're to succeed in your endeavor.

whether the learning is formal or informal, the fact is successful people are always learning it's often said a foolish man thinks he's wise and a wise man knows he's foolish, and the smarter more successful people constantly learning.

Plan strategically 

Plan strategically

remember earlier when i talked about successful people, writing things down, they're often writing down their one month, three months, one year, and five-year plan, and they go about achieving their goals in strategic way, they use logic, intention, purpose, and patience. 

I often like to use cliches and one of my favorites is this one, a man who fails to plan, plans to fail, and it's very hard to succeed flying by the seat of your pants hoping you get lucky.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

 Plan on the daily 

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

You'll notice a lot of these habits are strategic, they're mental, and their thought processes but i want to remind there's one daily habit that will always work. 

successful people are work everybody else and all the planning strategizing that's great, but it doesn't matter if you don't get down to business, and i don't care what field you're in the hardest working guy is much more likely to succeed, you just get around, and lazy people aren't generally successful.

Let me give you a personal example:

When i started this blog, i don't know if it's going to be successful but i promised myself I'd outwork everybody, and hey if the blog didn't work it wouldn't be because i didn't put in the effort, now I'm still working on improving my blog, and improving the quality but i promise you this no one's going to outwork me and i strongly believe it's going to lead to the success of this blog.

Successful people realize the along the road to success there's going to be plenty of failures 

Successful people realize the along the road to success there's going to be plenty of failures

In fact, I guarantee you when you see a successful guy he's probably had five or six failures prior to this success, and successful people realise there's usually two outcomes; you're either going to win or you're going to learn.

the learning comes in the mistakes and the failures in the trial and error.

unsuccessful people think if try once and i don't make it I'm just not supposed to be successful that couldn't be any further from the truth, the path to success is littered with many failures one of the biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people.

 successful people fall and pick themselves up, which means if you fail, remember that's part of the process everybody does, especially successful people, which piggybacks nicely into our next habit.

Successful people let go of the things they can't control and focus on the things they can

Successful people let go of the things they can't control and focus on the things they can

What you see a lot of unsuccessful people do, they'll whine, they'll complain about things, they just have no hand in and it can be very easy to do if you focus on the things you can't control you don't have to focus on the things that you can it? it's almost like a built-in excuse but successful people they acknowledge the things they're out of control observe it but then move on to the things they can control, and you first need to realize you can't control everything in life you're going to have to let some things go.

 Successful people do a very good job of that they acknowledge what they can't control let it go, and put their mind to the things they can control, and one thing I definitely want you to keep in mind that i believe will lead to much more success, and remember you're a human being not human doing.

What do I mean by that your career is what you do it's not who you are, and a lot of times we can get caught up in an identity that a career and job can give us and don't get me wrong a successful fulfilling career does give you some self identity but what happens when you come to a hump in a row in that career lose your job or feel like you should be doing something else and if your identity is too much wrapped up in your career, you won't let it go and you won't be able to pivot especially in today's modern age where nobody stays with the same company and rarely keep the same career throughout their life you to be adaptable it you're working a certain job in certain career and believe that's who you are you'll lose who you are if you lose that job not saying that having a career change or losing your job won't hurt, it will but it's a job, it's a career, and it's what what you do it's not who you are? 

as you can see there're several characteristics and deadly habits a lot of successful people have in common, do yourself a favor and reflect on the different habits we talked about in today's post and if you want to be more successful incorporate the ones, you might be lacking in the more you develop these habits i believe the more likely you will be succeed.

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