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10 Personal Care Tips You’ve NEVER Done But Should Be!

 This job has left been left to me to have to teach you, how to clean yourself? anyway boys I'm going to give you ten personal care, happy things that so many men and women, to be honest skipper, and that's making you unhygienic, makes you smell bad. It's borderline disgusting, and I'm pretty sure your mama should have taught you this when you were a lad but I guess she didn't, so that's how you got me, I'm going to look after you and take care of you. 

Here are 10 personal hygienic care tips every man needs to know:

1: Clean behind the ear

a guy Clean behind the ear

I want you to grab your finger before you go clean it go right behind your ear and scrub as hard as you can. Do you see dirt, there's a smell of bats.

All I gotta say you've gotta clean behind the ear, it's not just cleaning inside it earwax, this is a forgotten area, and many people do keep in mind when you're making out with a girl, all this is considered personal space, and if it smells bad back there, that's a problem, so when you get in the shower when you get to use that soapy water to clean the inside of your ear make sure you don't miss the back end.

2: Clean your tongue

man try to show his tongue

Show me your talk show me why is there white stuff on there, what people don't understand is that your taste buds still hold food that decomposes creates bacteria, and that's why it smells? Man, most of your bad breath like 90% of is usually because of your tongue via tongue scraper, cleanse your tongue at least at night once every day, so remove all that gunk.

3: Clean the end of your Ballsack

Clean the end of the Ballsack

Don't show me this one, but I want you to go to the bathroom. Do you even know what a taint is, do you? 

If don't know, then let me give you a little anatomy lesson, that weird place of real estate that's ripe it's awkward it's right after the end of your ballsack butt right before your ass crack, that real weird palace, that's called your taint you're probably sitting there confused "Hey, I thinking I haven't been down there since I was born" probably smells like ass and that. Boys let's let that be a life lesson that is why I'm here so I can tell you where you smell like ass and you can turn that around, and instead smell like a rosy pin would. so How to clean?

First of all, I'm going to need you to shave it down under there you see, all those little curly's that you have down there have been trapping dirt, bacteria, and fecal matter for years because you probably don't even wash down there given that, you know it's probably disgusting down there, So you're going to have to go in there and literally mold the lawn, clear that whole place out which is why in about two times a month I do it to myself.

4: Clean your belly part 

Clean your belly part

One of the most overlooked body parts but that dark little cave actually has been proven by science to house over 67 different types of bacteria, and the easy way to clean this area out is with a Q-Tip and while you're showing, and you have soapy water all over your body you want to go in there and kind of cleanse this area properly that you can flush on all got dirt and bacteria.

5: In between your toe 

In between the toe

When was the last time you cleansed in between your toes and that's only if you want to avoid stank of fungus building up down, there according to the institute of preventative foot health you should wash, and thoroughly dry your feet every single day using a mouth soap while also washing it between your toes which I know you're not?

6: Don't scrub your face

scrubing your face

Scrubbing your face with a towel instead of dabbing when you step out of the shower, you probably go ham rubbing your face to dry it off and this causes micro-abrasions that week in the skin and open up the skin that can easily lead it to get infected cause acne to form and it caused fine lines, and wrinkles because you're damaging the skin. What you instead want to do is dab when you step out of the shower, gently dab your face this will remove the excess water but leaving a little bit of moisture that your skin needs to remain healthy.

7: Sitting around and your sweaty gym clothes 

Sitting around and your sweaty gym clothes

when you hit a tough workout that you're drenched, and sweat I don't want you to just sit around and cool down, I want you to step inside the shower as fast as you possibly can to get all that sweat off your body, when you leave it on your body not only are you allowing bacteria to grow on, but you're also creating a breeding ground for breakouts to happen.

8: Wash your hands

Washing your hands

This one should be self-explanatory, but wash your hands more often especially in the times that we are right now, you want to wash your hands not only when you go to the bathroom but it's off, if you find a sink, go ahead and wash your hands with some soap, and try rid of as many germs as possible, this is not only more Hygenic but also a preventative method that you can do to remain as healthy as possible.

9: Keep your nails short

keeping nails short and clean

Keep your toes and your fingernails short at all times, especially your toes these are most men elects they don't see it, but when you neglect your toes, and you let your fingernails grow too much every time you wear socks or footwear what is that? All that lint from the sock and the dirt and the sweat, and all that stuff piles up underneath the fingernails, and that's when you get that black color kind of like the leftover sun in your toenails that always stinks when you clear it out, you know exactly what I'm talking about, you can avoid this by keeping your nails short.

10: Change your bed sheets

Changing the bed sheets

I want you to change your bedsheets, your pillowcases, and your towel at least once a week.

it's unhygienic for you to sleep in the same bed over a month, on the same sheets that you sweat it, that oil builds up, and that dead skin cells build up in, and then all that starts accumulating over time with your body heat to create this nasty like swamp breeding ground and every time you lie on there you're just reinfecting and dirtying yourself up which is harmful to your skin.

That's it for me guys for today those are 10 personal care tips every guy needs to do, if you liked this post and found it informative don't forget to drop us a comment down below.

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