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7 accessories every man should have

 The question is: what do you buy for accessories? 

I have a good fashion sense; I have a good style, I think I have a lot of good clothes, but i need some accessories to spice things up. What do i need? 

So today i have a list of seven accessories that i believe every guy needs to own.

Pocket square 

Pocket square

It's one of those accessories that you never need it until you do, and then you're like man i really wish i need a pocket square or you don't even know what a pocket square is?

Well, in that case, let me tell you every guy should own at least one black or a gray suit.

Now that's not an accessory that's just you need a suit, but if you don't have a pocket square, the suit looks very plain and it doesn't really look complete, and with the pocket square it's just going to look so much better.

The pocket square is that basic piece of fabric in a square shape that you put into your pocket, and i see so many guys looking good with an amazing suit that fits them and they forget the pocket square, it's one of those things that you will not wear a lot, you're going to wear it maybe once a year twice a year for a wedding or something like that, man it's going to go along so well with that suit.

The thing is to get that elevated, and elegant, classy look it's going to be all about the details and the pocket square that'll do it. If you don't have one, I would recommend you start with a white pocket square.


black band or a stainless steel watch

That's something that I'm always wearing every single day, and I can't see myself not wearing a watch, man I love watches.

the average guy should have at least one watch, I would say something with a black band or a stainless steel watch that is nice and classy, watches are going from 50 bucks to literally Millions of dollars, and you don't have to spend that much, you really don't just get something that you're going to be comfortable with some that is going to be versatile and goes along well with a bunch of your different outfits, so that you don't have to buy a bunch of watches if you don't want.

Great luggage 

travelling with a nice luggage

Traveling is something that we're going to do again, that things are getting better, but I'm telling you man when you have a nice luggage it makes it even better it makes you want to travel and makes you want to roll up to the airport, looking like a boss.


sunglasses give that cool look

No matter what age and no matter what I'm telling you, you need sunglasses. Whether or not you are a sunglasses guy, you're going to be wearing them because no one wants to drive looking into the sun or squinting.

sunglasses give that cool look and I really enjoy sunglasses, and the huge benefit of wearing sunglasses, is you may not know is that when squinting into the sun you're creating literally wrinkles into your face around your eyes, and sunglasses is going to prevent you from squinting which prevents you from getting wrinkles, so not only are they going to make you look amazing they will also make you look younger for years to come and if you don't own a pair of sunglasses yet I would say go with something black or brown keep it nice and simple.

This is:  How to choose sunglasses?


wear a hat it barely fits the head

Look I'll be honest with you I can't even wear a hat it barely fits my head.

Everyone likes to wear hats whether you're going outside and you just don't really feel like doing your hair, what I have been doing though is kind of putting it in the bun and I've been wearing hats to workout every time I workout, outdoors I wear it because like I said I don't want to be squinting and i want to protect my face from the sun damage that happens especially in summertime.

Sometimes you just don't want to do your hair, and you don't really want to mess with it, you just want to look casual and a hat is the way to go. I will say don't buy the hats that have a lot of designs and embroidered this and glitter here and there, try to go for something simple first ideally no logos no design just super clean, then start exploring with other designs.


darker colors of boxer-briefs

If you are still wearing boxers that are super loose that don't look good and don't stress your body in the right way, you know what I'm saying, then what are you doing?

boxer-briefs that's the way to go man, I used to wear boxers pack when I was a teenager and then I got into boxer briefs and I never went back and the truth is girls prefer boxer-briefs your body is going to look better in boxer-briefs.

that old style of boxers with the patterns and stuff the designs that's not a good look it looks very childish and if you're like an early teenager, that's okay but if you're a man, it's time to level up and upgrade into boxer-briefs and I'm telling you your partner if you have one is going to love it and also whenever you bring a person home they're going to enjoy it trust me it's going to look much better on and if you're just making the switch or if you want to get new boxer-briefs i would say go with darker colors because that's going to look great on you.


backpacks can look kind of frumpy

The reality is some backpacks can look kind of frumpy, they can look too sporty and if you're going to work, it will not be a good look you're going to look too casual and the truth is if you're in a professional environment a backpack is probably not going to be the best look a briefcase is going to be best but I will say that they look incredible if you get a once leather backpack there's almost no need for briefcase.

Nowadays I would say skip the briefcase if you can and go with a leather backpack that acts as both, that is both classy and easy because the briefcase is a lot harder to carry you got to put the one shoulder strap or you got to carry it with your hands, the backpack is way more comfortable and practical. 

I also want to know what other accessories do you think that men should have?

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