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The 6 best mens sneakers to wear with jeans

 Sneakers are the most versatile piece of footwear in your rotation that's a promise, and not only that they're the most comfortable they're the ones you can wear every single day and feel good and that men's style is becoming more and more casual, athleisure is actually acceptable which means your footwear has to be on point and today there are six pairs of shoes that in my opinion these sneakers need to be in everybody's closet, and I don't want to make false promises but I promise you these are going to get you the most compliments from girls if that sounds let's hop into it.

The skate sneaker

skate sneaker for men

of course, this is a classic like out of all the shoes this is the least versatile one when you're trying to dress up but according to a GQ article where they surveyed 300 anonymous women they all agree that, when it comes to canvas sneakers, the skate shoe is the most attractive that they like to see men wear and it makes sense if you think about it in the street where the skate shoe is probably one of the most popular pieces in one that if you're a streetwear connoisseur you got to have at least one of these in your closet and the best part is they're crazy affordable, the only side note that women didn't mention is that they don't want to see you with the slip-on version of the skate shoe and always out for black.

The simple all-white leather sneaker 

The simple all-white leather sneaker for men

If you know that shoe was going to be on this list i wear this thing all the time, and honestly out of this entire list this is the most versatile pair of shoes, this is the one you can wear with anything, and if you need one good pair on sneaker, this is the one you opt for whether you're going dressy for a first date or more casual street style for your first day of school or you're just running errands a casual white leather pair of sneakers going to work with everything. 

Air force one 

Air force one sneaker for men

This is the best-selling sneaker in the world for a reason chances are you already have a pair of them in your closet however with these you got to be careful about how you wear them and you got to wear them strategically they're not as versatile and you don't want to make one of the five massive mistakes that 99% of men do when they wear these sneakers I made a whole article about them click on them and read. But I suggest you check that out if you guys want to wear these sneakers.


Designer sneaker men

Designer shoes are unnecessary they're probably on the bottom of this list however they offer certain benefits for example they're leading in trends, they have certain styling benefits like the thick sole designer style that obviously is going to add interest to your height which is going to make you look better on top of being a trend that most average brands have to catch up on.

but like I mentioned it's not a must, but it is a good want to have if you want to have it in your rotation.

High tops 

High tops sneaker men

If you want to add versatility to your wardrobe, you don't want to have just a whole rotation of low top sneakers, high tops like these are my favorite canvas, and it's tend to be more versatile easier to match and just simple canvas sneakers especially white ones are like a blank canvas literally you can wear anything you want and they look good, if you want something more street wear and that's timeless that you know it's always going to look good obviously the Jordan ones is a great option that again the silhouette is so simple and so classic that it's easy to match with anything you got in your closet.

Running sneaker 

Running sneaker for sport men

Sneakers were made to be used in an athletic format so it only makes sense that you invest in at least one pair of sneakers that is intended for that function to run or to perform athletically so if you're trying to stay comfortable and have that athletic athleisure look you need at least one of these pairs and that's where these sneakers look its best when you're going for that athleisure.

personally, you don't want to get these dirty and look like they're actually your training shoes this is more for style purposes but yes at least one training sneaker or athletic sneaker is a must in your rotation.

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