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how to boost your confidence: 7 STRANGE Ways (WORKS 100%)

 What's up gentlemen and I used to think that confidence was a destination, it was somewhere that you could get to, and once you were there you were cool, I've come to realize that confidence is much more like a journey, and it's a journey that each of us is going to have to embark on if we ultimately want to be happy, healthy, and successful.

We're all at different places along that journey some of us are a little bit further along some of us are just starting the process or the road trip but today What I Want to share with you are seven weird ways that I've actually discovered a little bit more confidence in myself along my personal journey.

Follow your goals

business man Following his goals

It's a little bit weird that I was like Yö no wait, no this really is going to make me feel better is actually failing some of us go our entire life never really trying because we're so scared of actually failing but when you go after something it doesn't work out this is one of the best things that can happen to you because when it happens, you realize that okay I'm still alive, kicking it,  exceptional, and still handsome.

We are so scared of the worst-case scenario that prevents us from trying when it prevents from trying we don't actually go after our goals, this makes us feel crazy insecure but when you go after it right even if you get punched in the face, and you pick yourself back up and you're like Yö everything's I alright that sucked I don't want to do it again but it happens again that's okay I'm going to go after my goals because I'm all right.

The second weird way to boost your confidence is: 

Do workout

Doing workout

Hold on you're all like I'll work out,  here's the reason it's not just because you're going to look better, it's what it does to your brain it's what it does to your confidence when you go to the gym, and when you lift weights, you're purposely making your body hurt you are purposely challenging your body and by doing this over and over you're actually strengthening the brain David Goggins says:" that exercise callouses the mind".

Chill out with the consumption of the movies porn 

Chill out with the consumption of the movies porn

so confidence works in mysterious ways and one of those ways is actually by consuming less of movies and the reasons are:

  •  A lot of guys when they watch it they kind of have this like feel bad guilt thing going on afterward, and when you're doing it everything's cool but as soon as you like pop your moisturizer maybe a little guilty not as motivated, definitely a little bit lazy. 
  • The other thing that happens is that you're not as attentive to your relationship because you're getting your action from the movies as opposed to the person you should get your action with.

I'm not saying that touching it from time to time and hanging out solo with Big Al is a bad thing not at all but the movies are something that every one of you should try to stop for 30 days, I think you can do it, could you give up the movies for 30 days? If the answer is YES, I'm going to try it, there are some interesting things that are going to happen, not only are you going to feel more confident about yourself because you were successful in doing something that you didn't really love that you were doing before, you also are going to have better relations and by better relations, I mean better.

Start taking better care of that handsome face of yours 

taking better care of that handsome face or yours

The easiest way for you to feel more confident, and amazing about yourself is to look in the mirror and love your face and your skin, know that it looks incredible, know that it's not dry and blackheads and blemished and all oily and nasty gentlemen and when you actually get a compliment, brain your skin looks amazing game over, you win because you feel so incredible and the beautiful thing it doesn't take 27000 products there are a few basic things that every one of you needs to do every single day in order to look amazing great about yourself twice a day you need to wash your face to remove the oil, the dirt, and the grime that builds up twice a week you need to exfoliate to remove the top dead layer of skin and bring new fresh healthy, handsome skin to the surface and then every day you need to use a moisturizer with an SPF.

kick of some toxic ass friends to the curb

kick of some toxic ass friends to the curb

 Gentlemen, one thing that was so incredibly, liberating, and confidence-boosting for me were when I finally took ownership because there are few people in my life that i need to excommunicate from my presence and they were bad for me emotionally and mentally when you surround yourself with people that are negative or toxic not that they're bad people for other people but for you they're bad. What happens is it makes us feel bad about ourselves because our emotional needs are not getting met and when you surround yourself or have people in your life that bring you down that don't provide value or lift you up, it is holding you back and preventing you from ultimately unlocking your confidence.

Your confidence gotta kick its toxic ass to the curb. Is it easy? No, it's incredibly hard, it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do was break up with a few toxic friends, because deep down you want to be loved, liked, and you want to be friends with these people, unfortunately, these people are not the type of friends that you need and until you remove them from your life, you're never truly going to be confident.

 Be nice, be kind, and help other people 

Be nice, be kind, and help other people

This was something that I learned to sort of by accident when I started this blog I didn't think that it was actually going to make me feel better about myself but it did, and then the reason is that I realized that I was benefiting and helping other people when you give of yourself to other people and try to make their lives better or do something even if it's small though like helping somebody else is kind of like an unselfish act the truth is if I'm really being honest, it's an incredibly selfish thing because it feels amazing to help somebody and so when you get that boost of confidence when it feels that good you want to do it again you keep doing it eventually your confidence go through the roof.

Say NO 

Saying NO

No. no, I won't do that. No, I won't help you with that. No, you can't treat me that way...

Gentlemen saying No is so intoxicating it's also incredibly powerful but it's really challenging to do if you are somebody that is not used to doing it, once again I learned this hard way i used to be a people pleaser I had the inability to say no or to stand up for myself but when I finally was like no no you can't treat me this way... 

When you learn or develop the ability to say no and stand up for yourself like game over, everything in your life is going to get better you're also going to find self-esteem and confidence that you have never known at least it did or that's what happened with me, I from a very young age because of some like abusive stepfathers I lost my ability to stand up for myself like I let people take advantage of me but when I went to therapy, I dealt with my issues and I finally decided if I'm going to be happy I need to not allow other people to take advantage of me I need to stand up for me I was so scared of confrontation anytime I think about it I'd get all like nervous and feel like I was going to pass out and the first time I stood up to somebody and told them no is also felt like I was going to pass out because I was super nervous but what happened afterward was amazing. The first time is the hardest, but then each time after that gets easier, there's a saying that we teach people how to treat us.

Gentlemen, teach people you deserve better, the best, and that you are amazing.

Hopefully, after this post, you are more confident. 

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