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How to look desirable to women - 7 Clothing Pieces that you need

 Today I'm going to show you seven clothing pieces that make you look like a player like a star for the streets like a man with options, let me explain why? 

Here's the thing, you already know men with options, just get more options and men with no play, get no play you want to know why it's called social proof?

When another female or various other females have already pre-selected you, more females are going to want you, therefore a lot of married men tell you once you're married, this is when all the girls hit you on even more because other girls are going to think " if that girl wants him chances are this man has all the characteristics of a goof boyfriend or a husband and i want that too"  

So today you're send that message of pre-selection with strategic clothing pieces that women see them, they think you're just a dude with options.

 Let's go to number one:

Chelsea boot 

chelsea boots summer outfit men

matter of fact rather than coming out of my mouth, you can actually comprehend what goes through a women's mind, i already understand what goes through a women's mind therefore I'm so easily able to teach you this stuff but i want you to see it come out of their mouth.

when you wear this boot, this is going to boot that every dude that goes out to a club pulls out because it's their dressy boot, especially the ones that are a problem, those that have options.

Socks and slides

The 90s revival continues to steal a march in to this summer, with Socks and Slides the latest time-defying trend of 2014

Look i don't like it, i hate it, i think it looks lazy but here's a reality it also sends a message that you're a menace to society.

When you wear socks and slides you're sending two messages on you. the first's Just you don't care, the second's you look athletic, so if you're going to pull this look off I'm going to help you do it right:

  1.  Never wear sandals. 
  2.  Cover the toes, so you want to wear socks make sure they're matching socks, and they're not ripped that they're not dirty and they're nice and clean. 
  3. I like chunky slides, something that's a little sturdy and has structure, usually, designer slides do this better, but you can also try something like Yeezy slides which are trending, doing this will give you a similar effect.

Grey sweatpants

grey sweatpants outfits for men

When you've been welding down, and you wear sweatpants, what happens? You print my guy and therefore women like to see dudes wearing grace weapons, and now it's summer so chances are you will not want to be wearing those grey sweatpants. What does that mean?

That means that you want to switch it up to shorts. Gray shorts have the same effect but it's cooler like breezier, and you can wear it through the summer and it actually does cooler " you look pretty sick" especially if they're a thick heavyweight fabric, this region it looks good at the quad region it's muscle enhancing so when you throw them on you really get to expose and show off the leg, you throw these on with an oversized tooth, some simple sneakers you got a clean fit you can always go out with its comfortable and girls are think you're a menace, and you've got options, hitting you up on snap all the time you're going to be the dude with a snap score of a hundred thousand plus every time you throw these on, or at least that's she's going to think.

Baseball cap

man wearing a black Baseball cap

It gives you the vibe that girls love it, here's the thing the baseball caps have this tendency of making men look more mysterious. 

This mystery leads to a question like you this dude probably has options, is the type that gets a lot of girls, it makes you look better, if you wear the right baseball cap it structures your face shape, and if you have a bad hair day, you can hide that thing making you look better these baseball caps are faded which i like.

Air force 1s

Encuentra Zapatilla Nike Air Force 1 2017 Jordan Nmd Yeesy Max 90 2016 - Zapatillas en! Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones

Anybody that wears air force ones they got it like that 

Ripped jeans


Jeans, Men's skinny ripped jeans

Which equal all the ripped hearts you've caused from ghosting girls in the past, that rib jeans combo especially with Chelsea boots that's a menace, that dude probably has girls hitting them up left and right, or at least that's what girls think, i think harry styles think this is a pretty boy, this is a dude that just gets it.

Wearing Chains

Featuring classic curb link chain, a thick silver chain drapes across the chest for a game changing look

Think about it, this way back in the early 2000s what were all the chads wearing those conches,  shells,  and necklaces. 

Today, fast forward we're still wearing chains, but now we've upgraded to just minimal little box chain necklaces, enough to draw the eye into the chest, you see a dude wearing a black tee and a minimal necklace, girls: "No, this dude he probably has a snap score of a million-plus, this dude probably has a lot of girls"

 And that social proof at least in their head is going to make them think this dude i want him for myself 

and that's basically it for this day post, guys i hope you enjoyed it. 

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