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top 5 sneakers mistakes you need to avoid

 Sneakers are all the hype right now but I always want to make sure that whatever you're wearing, whether it's trending or classic menswear, that you're doing it right so you can look your best.

well, today I compiled a list of the top five mistakes most guys make when they're wearing sneakers because even this casual state for most guys are doing wrong and I don't want you to be most guys so let's hop into it.

Never wear shoes just for the height 

man wearing the height shoes

To be clear there's nothing wrong with wearing this shoe it's just because it's popular right now and if you like them to make you feel good, then go ahead everybody wants a little bit of clout but if you absolutely hate this shoe, you hate the design, and they make you uncomfortable don't wear them just because there's a current height, and this is like any other trend forget shoes it could be short whatever you don't want to wear things that make you feel uncomfortable because guess what that projects and people will be able to tell that you don't feel confident and it just going to make you look fat even if they're pop.

You don't buy your basics first  

basic wardrobe for men

This is a problem with clothes, in general here's the mistake most guys make when you're buying items you go for the most lavish or trendy item just because you want to show up but most of the time these flashy items won't ever be as versatile not to mention a lot of times they're just trends that are going to fade out, and my suggestion before you step into that you want to make sure you have your basics, so a clean white leather sneaker, a clean black sneaker, and since these are going to be your workhorses that you're going to be wearing constantly and with anything make sure that they're quality ones. The ones I would suggest are from response to a smart these aren't average sneaker you're going to get a footlocker these sneakers are handmade and Italy by craftsmen that have been producing shoes in the same family for four generations just to give you an example these shoes producing those factories for other brands would cost you upwards of 400 dollars and that's the type of quality you want when you're going to invest in your basics that's the type of sneakers that I have with those basic white ones because I don't want to have to be replacing them all the time I want a good quality pair I can wear all the time and will look good for several years.

Paying resale values 

There are only a couple exceptions why you'll ever buy sneakers for that huge markup either you plan to get out of them quickly and make your money back be you're into the business of flipping sneakers and that's your job which is cool or sees you're just a passion and shoe collector and you need to have but unless you have a lot of money even that last excuse I don't see why you would pay a thousand dollars for a shoe that you well know that the quality their original market value was only like a hundred bucks, so my friends I would never suggest for them to ever pay resale on a pair of sneakers that don't back it up with quality value and this is because this is just a hyper-inflated product with zero quality to back up the price which means that these thousand-dollar sneakers are going to deteriorate just as fast as your regular hundred-dollar sneakers that didn't have the height.

Wearing the wrong pants with the wrong trainer

Wearing the wrong pants with the wrong trainer

Even within casual sneakers they range in formality from something super for more life your basic white leather sneaker that I was talking about before that every guy should have because this you can wear with joggers or jeans, and you can even wear with chinos or suit but then on the other end of the spectrum we have super casual stuff like your vapour maxis or your ultra boost that really should only be left in the gym for athleisure and maybe sometimes with denim but you can't wear with chinos or suit, so next time you choose your sneaker to make sure that your pants match informality and I see it all the time wearing chinos with an ultra boost that's a no-go.

You're not lacing the sneakers 

man lacing the sneakers

Properly for sneakers bar lacing that's a no-go you want something that's quick, clean, that will keep them nice, and tight so there are many examples of how you should probably lace all your sneakers on YouTube, watch them and choose the cleanest way that you like. 

personally, i use this best way for my sneakers that looks best for me and here's the way I'm using:

you start by lacing your sneakers from the outside in then when you're gradually laddering the laces upwards you want to go from the inside out when you're lacing the sneakers and then at the final hole at the very top instead of going inside out you're going to go again outside inward this is going to be optimal when you're tightening up your sneakers you're going to get the tightest not possible or on the end if you like wearing a more casual a little bit lose this is going to allow you to tuck them in either in the sides or tie and tuck in the rest of the laces for a nice clean look because the laces are coming in where.

 That's basically it for today's article. 

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