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BIGGEST men's style trends for summer 2022

Believe it or not, we're already halfway through May 2021 is off to a fast but good start things are opening up again summer's almost here which means it's time to get your summer clothes outright it's time to look good for the summertime and today I wanted to go over all of the summer trends that are coming for this year to make sure that you look your best.

Our first style trend of today we're talking about:

 Floral shirts

                                                    Floral shirts for men

Boys and I guess so many people were like florals just not for me, it's not manly, it's not supposed to be super manly, you know what I'm saying, it's supposed to be fun, light and airy, cool for you to be able to wear a floral shirt and look amazing in it, it's going to have to come from within, honestly, I'm not even joking you have to walk the walk you have to put it on and like you see the man look awesome and you have to prove it to other people as well it's if you put on a floral shirt right and you're walking, and you look like you're not enjoying it you look like you know that you don't look good you're not going to look good that's just how it works, and I'll be honest with you guys because I keep it real here that was the man in the day he was like floor shirt I don't know if he can pull that off.

I bought one put it on and I was just like I don't feel comfortable in this, I don't feel good, and I looked at it, it was very, very easy to see that I didn't like what I was wearing, but then I started to play around with it more find my style when it came to floral shirts, and I can guarantee you that you can rock it, and look amazing, so definitely make sure that you're trying different styles go to the stores try them on, go on Pinterest find styles that you like get them and rock them this summer because they will super trendy.

This next style trend that I have for you guys is something that I have always taken advantage of and that is:

 Light layering for the summertime

Long-sleeved top loose casual shirt

In the wintertime it's very easy to layer your clothes, you can wear a turtleneck with a jacket over it, you can wear a hoodie with a jacket over it, it's very easy now in the summertime it's a little too warm for that stuff, so what do you do? Well the best thing that you can do is wear a t-shirt underneath your shirt that's right you can put on a white t-shirt throw on a floral, or throw on even something like this polo, here would go really well with a white t-shirt underneath, and you don't have to keep it closed you open it up to get some air in there some airflow you will look amazing, you're going to lay your items together it adds dynamic, it adds depth to your outfit, but at the same time you're not dying of heat with polos or over shirts, or floral you can still maintain that style of layering while dressing appropriately for the weather, these are lightweight shirts that you should get to make sure that you're getting some airflow to make sure that you are not overheating the sun.

the next style trend that is going everywhere this year is: 

The messy quiff hairstyle

This modern take on a classic cut focuses on the natural movement of the hair

This style is probably going to be the number one hairstyle this summer and I'll tell you why? 

A lot of guys with long hair are going to be cutting their hair off right because summertime,you want to make sure that you have a shorter hairstyle, otherwise you're going to die of heat it's going to get too hot, the reason why specifically the messy quiff hairstyle is going to be trendy, is because it's messy we have moved away from anything that is too stuffy, and perfect to sculpture and more flexible flow type of style when it comes to hair and clothing, so the classic perfect quiff that is not going to be trendy this year you're still going to see people wearing them but that's not going to be trendy this year because people aren't going to offices as much anymore they're working from home right, so they have a messy flow type of hairstyle the messy quiff hairstyle guys that's what's going to be the trendiest this year, and if you want to achieve that hairstyle the best product that you can use for that hairstyle is going to be either the texture clay,🛒 i can guarantee you it will get the job done and make your hair look amazing the texture clay which has the highest hold out of any clay that you've ever tried if you're using products for your hair. 

this is life-changing, this is will completely change your hairstyle.

Next up something that I've been seeing pop up everywhere is:

 The 1970s style

Gucci Lamé Check Viscose Jacket

Gucci Lamé Check Viscose Jacket

 It's going to be a huge trend this summer, now there's been this style resurgence of the 1970s for the past few years, but the thing it's not slowing down, and it's actually getting bigger and bigger so this summer there's going to be a lot of high colors flared corduroy and jeans, and a lot of the cropped camo leather bomber jackets oversized aviator shades, this going to be everywhere so the 1970s is back.

Next on today's list is a huge trend this summer, as you can already see from people out there is:

 Gorpcore style

Gorpcore is built by utilitarian, functional, outdoors-inspired gear


now, what is gorpcore? 

well it's such a weird name it's named for the trail mix acronym that's short for good old raisins and peanuts I know it's insane but it basically represents this insurgence of outdoorsy gear and high-end men's fashion and you can see that with, for example, the north face and Gucci class right when they came out I was like what this makes no sense and then I thought about it and I looked at it and I'm like actually this makes perfect sense.

Outdoorsy type of wear is making a comeback it is trendy right now so Gorb core make sense and I think with the fact that we're now able to go outdoors again after a long time of being indoors again it makes a lot of sense outdoor clothing is going to be amazing because that means that we're outdoors and that already excites me I'm sick of being home I'm sure you guys are too.

The newest fashion trends in 2021 is:

 The vertical stripe

Long T-Shirts, Men's Fashion Vertical Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  I'll be honest with you I'm not sure how I feel about stripes, in general, I rarely like them but I did wear a couple of shirts in these past years, critical straps they've been around for a long time and they're making their way back into this fashion world the style trends, and I wasn't sure about it, I wore stripes the other day. 

maybe I'll start wearing more stripes now, and vertical stripes are great because they help you shave off a few bounds, and appear slimmer and taller, who doesn't want that right, and I'm not saying that vertical straps are going to make you lose weight they just give you that illusion all.

I wish it was that easy, but it helps you appear slimmer, healthier, fitter, and tall. Those are amazing benefits to wearing stripes I will say though the secret here is to keep it simple, don't go for too many colors, make sure that stripes aren't too thick, or too thin so that all make a difference find what works for you and what you love and wear that.

next up:

 Shorts cut above the knee

mens Cramlington shorts stand apart with an all-over embroidered Psycho Bunny pattern

This is something that is even more trendy now I think it's more acceptable and that is literally what most guys are wearing when you go to a pool party or to the beach... guys are not wearing the super baggy board shorts from billabong that they used to wear back in the day, those things are changing it's evolving, I have amazing shorts from Oliver brown for example from  209 mares that look incredible they're shorter than the average board shorts from billabong 7 inches is great, 6 inches is amazing anything shorter than that might be a little too short. 

I know guys can rock 5-inch shorts that look great; it depends on your body type, your legs, and how much you want to show. So what I would say is anything that is cut above your kneecap not too short, not too long is just perfect and by the way, this goes for swim trunks, but it also goes for shorts that you're wearing casually to go out right the Bermuda shorts. 

make sure that they are cut above the knee because that's going to make your legs look incredible 

speaking of your incredible legs that sounds weird.

 Cropped trousers

mens trousers outfit casual

I know cropped trousers used to be so cool back in the day I'm a sucker for them, I still like them, but they're kind of phasing out, it's not really as cool anymore. So nowadays if you're showing your ankles it's not trendy anymore.

Yeah that's what I'm going to say, you know still do it once in a while but you have to do it tastefully if you're out wearing a summer suit it might be a good time, but ideally, now you should actually cover your ankles with either socks or just longer chinos, longer pants those cropped trousers that are showing a lot of your ankles, those are actually not as trendy any longer and trends come and go. So I'm sure we'll see this trend again, but for this summer that's not the trend.

this next trend is:

 Wearing all white 

man wearing all white

There're pros and cons for sure, I love the way it looks man it's so clean, so crisp until it's not because you get some ketchup or whatever food, or you sit somewhere and you get up and it's like "oh man what? come on!!!!" right so obviously these pros and cons I think it looks amazing if it's a nice white crisp outfit it's going to make you look incredible and this summer that is definitely going to be trending, even if you're not okay with wearing on white what I would say, I get comfortable wearing white jeans, white pants, start by adding white jeans white trousers to your outfits because that's as summery as it gets you're going to look amazing 

most men aren't okay with wearing all white so you're going to stand out.

 Trust me, you want to do that nowadays you don't want to blend in; you don't want to be invisible; you want to be your own person; you want to stand out.

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