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Hygiene tips for men: What women (may) ask of men

 That's strange: Men love it when women make themselves pretty, look well-groomed and smell good. But even (too) many masters of creation do not take it too seriously with their personal hygiene. Women also appreciate well-groomed men and, when choosing a partner, attach great importance to how men treat their personal hygiene. The Starrymille shows what perfect personal hygiene looks like.

Close-up of a boy applying shaving foam on his father's face in the bathroom

Men often wonder why women take so long in the bathroom. With the standard variant “going to the toilet, showering, brushing teeth & deodorant”  you can do the most important things in 15 minutes, but if you do it right, the morning toilet will certainly take longer. You will be amazed at what you can look for in terms of personal hygiene in order to be not only clean but pure. If you take these things to heart, women guarantee your environment to perceive it positively both and in professional life.

What belongs to personal hygiene

Dental plaque and bad breath are the turnoffs. However, brushing your teeth for two minutes is not enough. Dental floss and mouthwash are essential for dental care, better breath, and long-term dental health.

The daily morning shower not only helps you wake up but also flushes the night's sweat from your body and prevents greasy hair. Face cream nourishes, prevents wrinkles, refreshes, and smells pleasant.

Don't forget the deodorant after the shower. A deodorant is a basis, a perfume the choice. Here's how to find a perfume that suits you.

They lurk everywhere, in the subway, on the bannisters, on doorknobs: bacteria. Whenever you come home or visit your partner, you should wash your hands with soap. Not only is it hygienic, but it also feels better and smells fresher. Change the towel regularly to dry your hands.

Toenails and fingernails should be kept short. With nail scissors instead of your teeth. Women dislike to be touched with unkempt and scratchy fingernails, and certainly not in the genital area.

Speaking of intimate areas. Oral sex is known to be a matter of taste. Therefore, you should clean the bottom thoroughly if there is to be a repetition. Your partner's preference should determine how you handle your intimate shave. When in doubt, less is more here.

The same goes for armpit hair as well. Just as hardly any man finds a woman with armpit hair attractive, most women also prefer shaved men's axles. These are more hygienic and reduce the typical smell of underarm sweat.

The ears also deserve care. Ear swabs are there for use. In addition, ear hair should be trimmed, as well as nose hair. If you can't do it yourself: the hairdresser will help. Always have a handkerchief with you.


In addition to (body) hygiene, you should pay attention to a few other things. This includes things like changing your underwear every day, washing sweaty clothes first instead of wearing them again after ventilating them, changing bed linen and pyjamas regularly, and taking off your shoes at home so your feet can breathe.

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