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A gentleman’s guide: Party in style

 The weekend! It's party time and even a gentleman is happy when he can leave his desk for two days on Friday evening. Time for good conversations, nice evenings, and pure enjoyment. This also includes a whiskey and a cigar - but please not too much of a good thing. Even if a gentleman likes to party, he is not a party animal, and he does not consume excessive alcohol. Read here how you can master your way through the hustle and bustle of the party without attracting attention and be remembered as the gentleman of the evening.

First of all, I should mention that there are, of course, many types of parties. Clubbing is something completely different from a dignified dinner party and a relaxed “get-together” can take on completely uncommon traits. No matter where you go on the weekend - a gentleman remains a gentleman, and that is noticeable in his behavior, the outfit, and of course his manners. Read the guide for three celebration situations that every gentleman has probably already experienced.

Smiling guy in evening jacket with glass between tossing confetti


The epitome of partying today and arguably the kind of activity that a gentleman does not necessarily consider his favorite is going to a club. Nevertheless, the ladies like to swing their legs to music and like it when their dancing skills are admired. They are especially happy when they are accompanied by the gentleman of their choice - a favor that he should do her now and then.

Now a club is seldom a place of extended courtesy, civilized conversation, or fine manners. Foremost, it's actually about sweaty bodies that move on the dance floor and want to "feel free". Consideration is usually only noticeable when avoiding too much body contact, which, however, rarely succeeds. But the queen of hearts wants what the queen of hearts wants - so a gentleman follows into the club and makes sure that nothing happens to the lady.

There are two main types of potential difficulties that can arise when visiting a club: the outfit and the high alcohol consumption of those celebrating. Both can lead to unpleasant situations and stains on the fine thread - so it is better to stay at home in the closet during the club night and wait for more stylish opportunities. Instead, the outfit should adapt to the surroundings and the club. Often these are accompanied by bouncers who sit out in front of the cash register who is allowed in and who is not. There is a strict dress code, especially in Berlin clubs, so that the choice of outfit should be based on this. Current trends with white sneakers and jackets made of different fabrics make it easier to enter the club than your own outfit ideas would do. The good news: A white shirt never goes out of style, even if blue jeans are not exactly what young people would wear. It can of course remain stylish because a gentleman always remains true to himself and his style.

The high alcohol consumption of the other guests can lead to bigger problems on a personal level. Here it is important to approach the matter with thick fur. A man who harasses the female companion is of course not just watched, but a gentleman can always resolve his conflicts with words - women are very reluctant to witness scenes of violence and the joy of the club night would be gone.

If the party night is over and the way home is on, the manners of a gentleman should also come into play here. A lady never likes to go home alone, as she rarely feels 100% safe doing so. Better: Accompany her all the way and - if it's cold - put on her your own jacket. A gesture from the old school, but one that is still relevant and that will certainly bring quiet joy. Consideration should also be given to women in front of a run, who often get nervous when they hear steps. It is then appropriate to slow down and give the woman a greater safety distance so that she can be sure that the man behind her poses no danger - unfortunately still not a matter of course nowadays.

Dinner party

The dinner party corresponds much more to the familiar terrain of the gentleman. Enjoyment, friendly conversation, and pleasant company are part of it and make the evening pleasant. There are two variants: Either you are the host yourself or you are an invited guest or companion. In both cases, it is of course excellent form to give the (other) guests a good feeling and to ensure that no one feels disturbed by their own presence. It is the responsibility of both the host and the guest to ensure there is enough wine and suitable topics to talk about.

As a guest, it is natural to know where you are being invited and why. What is being celebrated and what are the hosts interested in? Appropriate clothing, a good mood, and a small present for the host are part of the basic equipment. The question of clothing arises primarily from the dress code for the evening, which is rarely explicitly stated at unofficial celebrations. Usually, you make a positive impression if you dress a bit better than the rest of the guests will probably do. Therefore, in case of doubt, a shirt or at least a polo shirt should be used instead of a simple T-shirt. A small souvenir underlines the positive overall impression. A bottle of wine is often the safe choice here, alternatively flowers or other small gifts.

As a host, however, you should foremost ensure fit organization and the smoothest possible process. The food should be prepared as much as possible so that long cooking and kitchen times do not occupy the host and keep them away from the guests at the time of the celebration. There are plenty of menu suggestions for a successful dinner in the vast expanses of the Internet, and often also a schedule that explains in detail what needs to be done and when. The schedule of the menu should be carefully considered in advance so that the guests do not have to wait two hours for dessert at the end. A successful menu also includes the right wine, in sufficient quantities. Those who are less familiar with the subject of wine can ask a trusted wine dealer about this and ideally try different wines themselves. For a successful party mood, it is worth having board games that can be set up at short notice and of course wonderful music that lifts the mood and underlines the tone of the party.


Casual get-togethers in the park or in a pub are, of course, very different from an invitation to a dinner party or a club evening. But here, too, it pays to shine with courtesy, courtesy, and friendliness. Giving rounds and getting the ladies something to drink instead of letting them go to the bar themselves, taking part in the conversation in a friendly manner, maintaining discretion. All of this has also proven itself in this rather relaxed environment.

Even in a fixed circle of friends, it is always welcome when new suggestions come up regarding the location of the next meeting. Loose breweries or a bar with a special range of drinks provide new inspiration and ensure that you don't always end up in your well-known favorite pub. It can be like a second home, but in the long run, it also ensures a certain standstill in the group dynamics.

If a spontaneous get-together is held, for example, as a barbecue in the park, it is, of course, worthwhile to appear as a polite guest here too. A small souvenir for the general public and bringing your own drinks and grilled food - if so desired - are part of the good tone and are guaranteed to leave a good impression.

Showing manners and shining at parties is an excellent match and is part of the overall package of a genuine gentleman. In doing so, concessions to the group, the host and also the environment of the meeting are appropriate, but authenticity should always be in the foreground. After all, a gentleman does not bend over - he treats the given circumstances with style and courtesy.

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