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How to make yourself look taller

 Too small? Too large? Too slim? Too corpulent? There is not any. But there are unfavorable clothes. It's as simple as that: if you follow a few simple rules of clothing, it's easy to emphasize your figure in an advantageous manner. Ilyasse gives fashion tips for the physically small man in the Starrymille blog.

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Short man, now what?

With an elegant outfit chosen to match the figure, you can show taste in style. It shows in how you put your clothes together and how you feel in them. Then what people really see is someone with confidence and an awareness of what they're wearing and how they're wearing it.

If you are shorter than the average (under 1.73 m), there are several simple tricks that can be used to visually stretch your height by choosing patterns, colors, and cuts.

In general, your clothes should be in proportion to your body size. The following applies: clothing and cuts that emphasize the vertical line visually stretch the body. Practically implemented in clothing, this means: creases, pin stiffeners, longitudinally striped shirts, and vertical darts.

Jacket with a central vent and trousers without a turn-up

When it comes to jackets and coats, men with short stature should make sure that they cover the buttocks but do not protrude any longer, otherwise, your legs will appear shorter. Single-breasted jackets are more suitable for short men than double-breasted jackets. Two, at most three buttons, are ideal. Opt for a jacket with a center vent. Smooth and supple fabrics are particularly beneficial for you, while coarse fabrics are bulky (and thereby emphasize the width more than the height). They are therefore not very suitable. When cutting, pay attention to the fashionable slim-line cuts, because they look particularly good on smaller people! This applies to shirts as well as coats, suits, and jackets.

The figure-hugging shape of trousers is also ideal for men with short legs. Choose trousers without a turn-up. On the one hand, this emphasizes the leg transversely and visually shortens it and thus also your overall length. In addition, turned inside jeans, for example, look rather boyishly careless with adult men, because you quickly "slap down" the envelope at the back, suggesting to the other person:

 Pants too long = man too short.

Picking a color influences the visual size immensely

When choosing the color of your trousers, stockings, shoes, and belts, the colors should be harmoniously coordinated and as similar as possible. This tone-on-tone choice of items of clothing helps emphasize the length as well as the harmonious overall impression of your outfit.

In general, you should avoid breaks in your body line. Direct the eyes of your fellow human beings upwards! Choose your color scheme darker from top to bottom, because colors also have an optical weight. Dark ones weigh heavier and “push” downwards, light ones look lighter and draw attention to your face. So combined, for example, light shirts with dark pants, not the other way around. Light or colored ties that tastefully emphasize the vertical are also pleasant eye-catchers.

But even if appearance and clothes are known to make the man, the true greatness of a man can still be seen in his actions, his words, and his character.

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