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Taking care of your long hair as a man: how to take care of your hair properly

 Indeed, your hair has to endure a lot. Stress, an unhealthy diet, but also various environmental factors put a strain on the hair and make it stubborn, dry, and brittle. The same applies to men as to women. Proper hair care is important to look well-groomed and healthy. But how can you take care of your hair like a man? What are the special features? How can man's support dry hair and what to look for when grooming long hair? We summarize the most important facts in this comprehensive guide and give you some practical tips on the way.

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How to take care of my hair like a man?

Men, too, attach increasing importance to an expressive and well-groomed appearance. For the hair, this is often a particular burden. Daily washing with a special shampoo for men as well as drying and applying gel or spray inevitably leave their mark on your own hair. The first thing that hair loses due to excessive stress is shine and suppleness. The consequences are visible:

  • Break the ends of your hair.
  • Your hair looks limp and dry.
  • You lack a healthy shine in your hair.
  • When you put your hand in your hair, it looks like dry grass.
Due to the excessive stress we put on our hair, many already sprout broken or dead from the scalp. If hair is not cared for properly for years, it will take a long time to generate. But there are things you can do to help your hair recover.

When it comes to hair care for men, there are several aspects to consider:

  • The right amount is crucial in hair care for men. Hair does not necessarily have to be treated with shampoo and conditioner for men every day. The chemical ingredients only put unnecessary strain on the strands.
  • The selection of hair care products for men is crucial for the effect and expressiveness. Basically, you should make sure that the products are silicone-free. Natural hair care for men is particularly gentle.
  • Basically, hair care consists of several steps, with hair washing basically only representing the warm-up phase, i.e. the warm-up.
  • When caring for your men's hair, you should be aware of the natural properties of your hair. Unruly hair usually needs different care products than soft hair.

The genes make the difference

Before you wonder how men can maintain their hair, you should be aware of what healthy hair depends on. It doesn't just matter whether you take care of your men's hair properly. Genetic predisposition is particularly important. In fact, you basically get it from the cradle whether you have thick or thin hair. Your parents' genes are decisive. So if your parents have curls or particularly thick hair, chances are they are gifted with the same.

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But whether you wear your hair as elegantly as your parents are up to you. If you use the wrong care products or overdo it with the use of men's shampoo and the like, your hair will be more of a burden than it is of use to you. Regardless of whether men have thin hair, soft hair, or unruly hair - some work steps are the same for all men. We'll start by showing you how to wash your hair properly.

This is how men care for their long hair

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Only women can wear long hair? But no yes. Long hair on men is not only absolutely trendy, it also looks pretty good and extremely masculine. But: The need for care grows with every centimeter.

If you want to keep up with trends, you should preferably wear your hair long at the moment, dear gentlemen. It wasn't just the cool styles of the current spring/summer collections that caught our eye. The head of hair of the models drew our attention at least as much.

All those men who already wear their hair length should be more than happy about this fashionable news. It is no secret that the perfect long hairstyle requires a little more than just long hair. The keyword is: care. But how exactly does it work?


When washing, the following applies: Do not use water that is too hot, otherwise the hair will be dried out unnecessarily. Apply the shampoo, preferably a nourishing moisturizing shampoo, in circular motions and then rinse thoroughly. For better combability, it is essential to work in a conditioner afterward. In addition, the conditioner closes the cuticle that was opened by washing your hair. Specifically, this means for your hair: extra shine. Don't worry, the rinse only needs to take effect for a few seconds and doesn't mean that much extra work.
Tip: It is best to brush your hair before washing your hair, then it will be easier for you afterward. Since wet hair is more sensitive than dry, it should be detangled with a coarse-toothed comb.


Make sure not to pre-dry your hair after washing it by rubbing it with a towel. In the worst case, the sensitive, wet hair can break. Rather, wrap the towel around it and gently wring it out. Spray on heat protection before blow-drying - which, as the name suggests, protects the hair and ensures that the cuticle of the hair is not damaged. If this is roughened, man can only dream of a healthy shine on the hair surface. Blow-dry your hair on the lowest setting in the direction it falls.


We understand that you probably don't want to mutate into a nursing junkie. Nevertheless, we recommend a little extra care - at least from time to time - and promise: It's not that complicated! Treat your head of hair to a cure once a week. The reaction time for many products is not much more than a few minutes.
Also, work a small portion of hair oil into the ends of your hair from time to time. This makes them look less brittle and gives them a new shine. Of course, regular tip cutting, i.e. about every two months, does not replace maintenance.

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