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This is how men properly care for their skin

 Men also value a well-groomed appearance. But which care products do you actually need? Cosmetics specialist Tina Pfau gives tips and explains what every man should have in the bathroom cabinet.

Men also value a well-groomed appearance

Men's cosmetics are all the rage

Plucking eyebrows and removing hair from the chest is no longer taboo. Creams and perfumes are also standard in the bathroom. Pop stars and top athletes have shown it: Even applying make-up is no longer a no-go for men. Even if not so obvious and striking. But concealer and co. Do work.

In the meantime, cosmetician Tina Pfau believes that men's cosmetics are also a career booster. A well-groomed man is simply more convincing because he takes care of himself. After all, that also applies to business customers.

What should men do cosmetically?

Men attach increasing importance to beauty care. But which care products do men actually need? Cosmetics expert Tina Pfau gives tips on how to do everything right.

Cleanse the skin daily

A real man only leaves soap and water on his skin? In very few cases, this is sufficient. For a healthy and radiant complexion, men's skin should be cleaned and clarified morning and evening with a cleansing gel and a facial toner. Regular scrubs help to prevent blemishes. The dead skin cells are removed and the skin can breathe better. The best prevention against blemishes. And from the age of 40 at the latest, men's skin is also happy about additional protection and moisture from creams.

Nobody likes chapped hands

Hand on heart: Brittle and rough hands not only look ugly, but nobody likes to touch them either. Hand cream should already be in there: It ensures smooth and supple skin and prevents dry spots and redness.

A beautiful beard needs to be cared for

A shaved face looks attractive. Even a beard can keep up when it comes to sex appeal. But only if it is well cared for. That means: wash, trim regularly and care for with a little oil. We recommend a length of just under two centimeters for a well-groomed full beard.

The personal fragrance note

Men sweat more than women. It has been scientifically proven. That is why many men follow the motto when choosing a deodorant: It has to keep the smell of sweat in check, but nothing more. But a high-quality deodorant can do much more, it also gives individuality. By the way: While only 10 percent of men in Germany used an eau de toilette in the 1960s, there are now almost as many men as women.

What is the difference between female and male skin?

Men's skin is thicker, firmer, and therefore initially more resistant to wrinkles. It also has more pigments and can therefore cope with the sun's rays a little better. This is because men have more testosterone. The disadvantage is that men tend to have oily skin. They have an increased sebum production and therefore usually larger pores. The annoying consequence: inflammation, pimples, acne. It gets better from 40 onwards, but then the typical signs of age come.

What are the classic male complaints?

Skin irritation is not only caused by oily skin, but also by shaving. But nicotine, alcohol, and poor nutrition are also reflected in rashes, pimples, and reddening of the skin. And of course, everything that annoys women too: frown lines, drooping eyelids, dark circles, double chins, or crow's feet around the eyes. Sagging cheeks are a typical sign of age.
Regular care is therefore important.

What are the biggest mistakes men make?

It's pretty easy. Namely: nothing to be done if problems arise. Because that doesn't seem masculine, but simply neglected. After all, sunbathing without sun protection is no longer possible today.

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