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Develop emotional intelligence: why emotional intelligence is important than IQ?


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Emotions are fuel. They are the starting point of every action and decision.

Imagine the alarm clock goes off in the morning. Now it is very important which emotions you have in relation to your current tasks and processes. You get up because you look forward to them and want to tackle them. Or you just get up with difficulty and late because they annoy you and do not satisfy you.

Your partner welcomes you downstairs in the kitchen. Either that brightens your day, because you associate some of your most beautiful memories with this person, your safe haven. With this person, you form a team against the rest of the world. Or you ext your coffee, pick up breakfast, and quickly leave the house because the blessing hangs crookedly between you and it burdens and hurts you.

A full schedule awaits you in the office. First of all, that means stress. Either you say: “Fine, I can do it” because the job fulfills you overall and you know that there would be stressful phases at least as often elsewhere. Maybe not all of the positives of your current job, though. Or you bury yourself in your office chair, annoyed you drink the next cup of coffee and wish you had already finished work.

Your emotions determine your every action and decision throughout the day. Those who have positive feelings go through the day very differently than someone who sees the world as gray and dark. Your day will be more successful. Positive affirmation encourages even more positive thinking - and thus positive feelings that can cheer you on. Negative feelings, on the other hand, are almost a guarantee that the day as a whole cannot turn out to be anything. You confirm yourself again and again in this and it will not be a good day either.

Emotional intelligence in the workplace

"Don't take it personally, that was meant in a professional context!"

Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Each colleague has their own experiences, previous stresses, and feelings about a situation. He can understand what you didn't mean to be angry at all. Even if you're an engineer, you don't work with emotionless robots, but with human individuals. This is why emotional intelligence is also very important in the workplace.

As in a friendship or relationship, it helps you to properly classify situations between people. This can affect you on the one hand, and situations between two or more colleagues on the other. With emotional intelligence, you can meditate and mediate or see problems coming between colleagues. As a manager, you will find it easier to understand the motivations of your employees, to motivate them, and thereby promote the performance of your team.

Last but not least, through emotional intelligence you really manage not to take anything personally at work and to maintain a professional distance. You can classify the statements of your colleagues and superiors and learn to understand them on a more objective level.

Strengthening key competencies of the future - this will make you even more attractive for the job market of the future

What are companies looking for in the labor market of the future? How can you strengthen your profile and become even more attractive for your employer? Stand out from the crowd by gaining the soft skills that the labor market of the future will demand most. In other words, skills that help you to interact successfully with others, implement ideas and deal with change - these include creativity, persuasiveness, adaptability, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.

  • Strengthen your profile and make yourself even more attractive for the job market of the future.
  • Increase your creativity and your powers of persuasion.
  • Think critically, communicate effectively and work successfully in a team.
  • Improve your time and self-management and appear even more confident.
Read this book for deep knowledge: 🛒 Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

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