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Full beard: beard care for gentlemen

Fashion is strange in itself. At the end of 2016, too, many trends disappeared as quickly as they had previously appeared on the scene. A few years ago, removing all facial hair from men was considered popular. This trend has now been put into perspective and the full beard is once again very popular. If you don't have a long beard by nature, you will find helpful tips on proper care here.

Of all beards, the three-day beard requires the least care. Small irregularities are seldom noticed and are usually quickly forgiven. In the case of the variant suitable for business use, however, a clearly defined contour must be recognizable. In addition to a respectable density, regular trimming is also essential. But how does a man get a hip full beard?

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The face dictates the shape of the beard

If you think you can just let your beard grow at will, you are completely wrong. In order for the full beard to be presented in a handsome way, it must be perfectly tailored to  the shape of your face. The most important factors are the condition of the neck and chin.

In principle, it is possible to trim the beard yourself. Inexperienced beard wearers should leave this task to a professional barber. A haphazard wild growth of the beard is definitely one of the absolute no-go's when it comes to appearance. But that doesn't mean that you have to do without the bearded variety. On the contrary: The design of a full beard allows countless shapes and thus also offers plenty of room for individuality.

The combination of different styles such as goat, mustache, and sideburn beard can also result in a special shape of the full beard. Such a combination of several beard shapes also ensures a slimmer look and is therefore particularly suitable for gentlemen with a face that tends to be round. But a properly trimmed full beard can also look great on men with a narrow face and in turn, gives the face a pleasant fullness.

Care & equipment for the full beard

However, there is no way around proper care, because the full beard must be treated with extreme care. So if you want to spend as little time in front of the mirror as possible, you would probably be badly advised to have a full beard. But here, too, there are “simpler” variants that require regular maintenance but take up significantly less time than others. The “easy to look after” category, for example, includes the full beard that is largely the result of natural growth.

The most important and at the same time simplest tool for well-groomed beard growth is likely to be the 🛒 electric shaver. With this, most of the operations can be mastered quickly and easily, provided the razor has also been specially developed for beard care. If, on the other hand, you want to see more elaborate and playful contours on your beard, there is usually no way around a classic razor. In order to put the beard hair in the right order, a beard comb is also required.

With the above-mentioned utensils, a gentleman still has the basic equipment to get his beard into shape. In order for it to look appealing, the beard needs to be cared for over the long term. Care oils that keep the beard supple and healthy are particularly popular here. A selection of care oils can be found, for example, this 🛒 hairdressing equipment. Attention: For an optimal result, the care oil should be dosed correctly. Usually, four to five drops are sufficient for a full beard. The oil itself can be spread with the beard comb, but your own hands are better for this. Important: When spreading, moisten both the beard and the facial skin sufficiently with care oil.

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