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How to choose the right bag for different career levels

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 Abitur, internship, university degree, and suddenly the first real working day is just around the corner. Many young people have been waiting excitedly for years to start their careers and, of course, you don't want to make any mistakes, especially in the beginning. This also includes choosing a suitable bag. Because as a young man walking into the office on the first day with the large briefcase inherited from dad, is guaranteed to cause a few amused looks. In order not to commit a faux pas, the right bag for the relevant career level needs to be carefully selected.

The career start

Nobody falls from the sky as a master and normally we all start relatively low in the hierarchy as young professionals. Accordingly, this also means that the dress code can be kept a little more relaxed and youthful. Nevertheless, the casual backpack, which was enough for university, should be replaced by a somewhat more sophisticated bag model in the professional environment.

As a freshly baked university graduate, there is usually no money for a car yet, so when choosing the right bag, commuting on the bus, train or bicycle must also be considered. A simple leather bag, for example, is ideal here, which can be carried both as a backpack and as a shoulder bag - depending on what is currently in demand. Especially in darker colours, such a bag can be combined well with a smart-casual office outfit without hiding your own youthful appearance.

Several years of professional experience

Successful businessman working

The first promotions are in your pocket, you know how colleagues work, and slowly but surely you climb the career ladder. Now is the time to make the entire appearance a bit more professional. In addition to investing in a well-fitting suit, it is also worthwhile to buy a new business bag. Because as the saying goes: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Nevertheless, after a few years of professional experience, the Mad Men-style briefcase does not have to be taken out straight away. A classic, simple leather briefcase with a laptop compartment is sufficient. Make sure to choose a model that offers different carrying methods. It is ideal for convenience to have a shoulder strap. Carrying handles are particularly advantageous with a suit, as a strap running across the chest can destroy the professional look. When choosing colours, dark, muted tones should be chosen and you should keep a distance from striking patterns anyway - opt for a look that exudes timeless understatement.

The old hand

You have your own office, perhaps with a name tag on the door, and a permanent position in the department management. However, this has also increased the workload and several documents have to be taken home or to meetings more often. Accordingly, the right bag must offer enough space for documents, laptops, and other important things - and still look professional. Now is the time to grab a classic, large leather briefcase with as many compartments as possible.

If you are now on a business trip more often, make sure you choose the right bag. A brightly coloured plastic suitcase doesn't necessarily look impressive on your business partners when they go straight from the plane to the meeting. Invest here in a classic leather trolley the size of hand luggage, which will complement your appearance with its timeless elegance and suit your status on the career ladder.

Arrived at the top

The executive chair has been reached and you can look back on an extremely successful career. As the head of the company, of course, you always have to represent the company appropriately under all circumstances and, in addition to a suitable suit and chic shoes, you also need a suitable bag. Take a high-quality briefcase, ideally, it should be secured with a combination lock. In this way, you can ensure that important documents and documents do not fall into the wrong hands. In order to make this briefcase truly unique, some companies offer engraving of their own initials.

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