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Why you should find your purpose in life?

 Finding the right path to a meaningful life is not easy. However, you cannot miss your path if you set yourself a goal and work to achieve it. Because if you have a goal in mind, you also know the path that you have to take. When you see a goal in front of you, you can use your self-motivation to push yourself in the right direction. Without a goal, on the other hand, you cannot put yourself on the right path. You will see, when you stroll through the world with a compass, your life paths suddenly make a lot more sense.

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Formulate your goals

Do you want to know a secret? Every successful person formulates his goals in as much detail as possible before he achieves them. It is very important that you do not confuse goals with wishes. When I talk about goals, that's something I want to achieve. I then have a plan on how to get closer to this goal. In contrast, I only hope that wishes come true. Wishes are usually only in the room, I do not actively do anything to make them come true. As soon as I want to achieve my desires, they become goals. Then I no longer just hope that something will happen, I actively challenge it. Because goals are clearly formulated conditions that I want to create. I want to achieve these situations. It is important to know your goal as precisely as possible. The more precisely you know what you want, the better you can achieve it. And that's exactly what we're doing now. In order to get closer to your meaning in life, we now determine your current goals and put them on paper.

While there are several words in English that define the word goal. Still, we know that intermediate goals can make life easier. You know when you live a life according to your values and goals, you will get closer to your meaning in life. But how does it look in practice? Let's start

Let's find your goals

First of all, please take your what-I-want-list to hand. Put any goals and wishes that come to your head. Now let's get closer to your goals in four steps.

1. Timeliness of your goal

In the first step of the exercise, you cross off all wishes and goals from your what-I-want-list that you already no longer want to achieve. Write the wishes and goals that you still want to achieve on a new piece of paper. Then add them as you like. Be aware that you are already in a new place in your life. What do you put on your list? Take enough time and focus on your wishes and goals.

2. Credibility of your goals

In the second step, we will now determine your current position in your life. Where are you now Where do you actually want to go? Check your points on the list and find out if these points really correspond to your goals. How often have we already pursued a goal in life and after some time have to realize that we actually don't want that, goal? So I ask you: Do you really want to achieve all of the goals that you have on your list?

Almost 30% of all Bachelor students drop out again. Of course, there are various reasons for this. But often it is because you think you want something that you actually don't want at all.

In order not to unnecessarily pursue wrong goals, it is important that you are aware of your goals. Check your goals for credibility before doing everything you can to achieve them. In a nutshell, this means: Can you believe your goal? Do you really want to achieve this goal? What happens when you get there How does your life change then? And the most important question: are you ready for the change that attaining your goal will bring with it? Make really serious thoughts about whether you want to achieve your goals. And whether you are ready for the change too.

3. Reality vs. imagination

Everything always looks so simple in your head. You pick something up and it works. That's because it's a performance. But reality doesn't have just one version. Since external influences can change, again and again, situations, in reality, are very different from what you imagine. It is important that you are aware of it. Since your imagination does not correspond to reality, you cannot find what you really want in your imagination either. You have to try out your ideas before you set them as your goal. What I would like to tell you: Test your ideas before you do everything possible to realize them.

For example, if you have the feeling that you would rather live in the country than in the city, first test your idea. Before you completely give up your city apartment and move to a village with your bag and baggage, I recommend that you take a vacation in the country first. Take a week to test your idea. Check your imagination for everyday situations. In this case, it could be, for example, how well you are doing the things you need to live. Or whether it annoys you when you meet up with friends in the city in the evening and you are the only one having to drive a long way home. Or is it the case that you enjoy the country tranquility to the fullest and can enjoy your own garden?

What I want to tell you at this point is that you should bring your goals from your imagination a bit into reality before you do everything you can to really achieve this goal. Approach your imagined goal. You can think of it as a wine tasting. You don't have to drink the whole bottle of wine to see if you like it. You try a sip and swing the glass around at certain angles. You do something similar with your target tasting. Take a good look at your goal from all sides. Try a small sip. This is the only way you can find out whether the goal is really what you want.

But let's be completely honest. Of course, you can't try all of the goals in reality. But what you can do if you can't really check your goals is to get the opinion and experience of other people. Who is already in these situations? Who could speak from experience? Certainly, you shouldn't get too fixated on other people's opinions. Nevertheless, other opinions and experiences can help to recognize whether you really want something.

Would you like to change your job and do something completely different now? For example, you want to go into the media industry. Chat with different people who already work in this industry. Listen to podcasts or watch videos about the industry. This is another way to get a more realistic impression. Perhaps you actually imagine something completely different under this profession.

A long time ago I wanted to try my hand at programming. I figured coding web pages could be a great job. But before I went all-in on the runway, I took a three-week coding course. At first, I enjoyed spending my time with formulas and algorithms. But it was easy at first. It got harder and harder in the last week. And let's be honest: These difficult tasks for me were far from being difficult tasks for real programmers. I realized that I didn't want to spend my time with these numbers and letter codes. I wanted to get out into the world and really help other people. My perfect idea in the imagination did not become an idea in reality.

What I want to show you here is that you can avoid investing energy and time in a goal that you actually don't want. If you check and taste your goals at the beginning, you may be able to quickly see whether you like something or maybe you don't like it. Invest time, in the beginning, to eventually save time in the end.

4. Just do it

As I said before, you can't try everything. And of course, even approaching your goal cannot necessarily show whether you really want this goal. Often times it's a feeling that tells you when something feels right. If you are sure that you want to achieve a goal, then you just have to do it! I can give you the last tip: Just do it!

In simple terms, that's what life is all about. You set yourself a goal and give everything to achieve it. On your what-I-want-list, you formulated the goals that you want to achieve. Now it is a matter of achieving this after a successful target tasting. The motto of the hour: Live your goal actively.

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