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7 tips to improve body awareness for men

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 An important prerequisite for strong self-confidence is to feel good in your own body. Many people simply do not feel that they are attractive enough, in their own opinion they are either too thin, too fat, or simply disproportionate. So it's no wonder that more and more people are struggling in the gym and, if in doubt, try one diet after the other without success.

Those who do not feel good in their body will certainly not be happy in the long term with these methods, because beauty and well-being primarily come from within. A good body feeling is therefore not only dependent on the figure, the age, or your own ideas about beauty. we give you some advice on how you can strengthen your body awareness and body awareness in order to come to terms with yourself in the long term.

The best tips for a good body feeling

1. In many cases our ideal of beauty depends on other people. It could be a friend or a famous TV star. If we compare ourselves with these people, then it is not surprising if we no longer feel comfortable in our own bodies and the self-confidence that we have struggled to achieve (despite the last pounds lost) begins to falter again. You first have to accept the body as it is, without making unnecessary comparisons.

2. Instead of being disappointed with our body, we should think about the benefits we get from it, whether it is "too thin" or "too fat". We can move around in it, have the opportunity to regulate our weight through exercise and nutrition and, above all, we can already contribute to a better feeling through appropriate clothing or care products. The body is not a superfluous fleshy mass, but a shell in which we learn over time to feel good again with the help of little things.

3. Body awareness can be increased by walking without shoes as often as possible. Anyone who regularly goes barefoot knows this wonderfully liberating feeling of no longer being confined in uncomfortable shoes. You can also try out this freedom on your feet with complete nakedness in your own four walls. It is worth taking care of the body with creams and other products. It's not just about pampering your body, it's also about really learning to love it.

4. You also get better body awareness if you eat healthier and get enough exercise. It is worth analyzing the movements and experiencing the work of the individual muscles intensely. This effort can be observed, for example, when doing unpleasant housework or when climbing stairs. For most people, these attentive observations are a whole new experience because they are everyday tasks that we never really paid much attention to.

5. Once you have taken a closer look at the movements, it is time to actually move more. Dancing is one of the best ways to do this, as it has a relaxing and liberating effect. All you have to do is listen to your favourite music out loud and follow the pleasant mood with felt movements and closed eyes. The dance usually comes by itself and you can let your emotions run free. Nice feeling, isn't it? Does the character even play an important role if the emotion is right?

6. If you enjoy dancing at home, you can go a step further and either book a dance course or choose another sport. Yoga, for example, makes an excellent contribution to better body awareness, but water aerobics or Nordic walking are also recommended activities to significantly improve body awareness. By doing the right kind of sport, a completely new and, above all, very intense body awareness is achieved.

7. The body feeling is not only improved through sporting activities because relaxation through correct breathing also contributes a lot to an absolute feeling of well-being. All you have to do is lie down comfortably on your back or sit down and breathe in deeply through your nose and out loudly through your mouth with your eyes closed. You can feel the breathing movements by placing your hands on your stomach. Attention should be paid to even breaths. Incidentally, this exercise is ideal for learning to meditate.

Of course, there are plenty of other exercises and practical tips to improve your body awareness. In any case, it is important to concentrate more on your feelings and not just on your body. What use is the most beautiful body if you are not able to perceive other sensations or if you cannot use them to express your feelings? Just! It is definitely worthwhile to focus on the emotions and not on the external appearance. If you learn to listen to your body, you will feel much more comfortable in your own skin in the long run.

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