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 This is how you can get any hair problem under control 

Hair loss, thin hair, or just too greasy? With these hair care and styling tips, you will get every hair problem solved!

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There is the right hair care product for every hair problem. But before it comes to choosing the right products, one main question arises: How often should I wash my hair at all? Basically: As often as necessary, but as little as possible. In plain language, this means: washing daily is ok. But then it is important to use a pH-neutral shampoo that exactly matches your hair type.

Under no circumstances should you wash your hair with shampoo several times a day, as this is extremely stressful for the scalp and forehead. If you've washed in the morning and go to exercise in the evening and then want to wash your hair, water alone is enough to loosen the sweat.

With the right care, oily hair stays fresh longer

All hair becomes greasy at some point. But if your hair looks straggly again a few hours after washing, you clearly have oily hair.

What are the causes of oily hair in men?

Oily hair in men can have many causes. Often the genes play a role. Your scalp simply produces more fat than other people's. But hormonal changes, for example during puberty, and bad habits can also be triggers: If you run your hands through your hair frequently, you stimulate the production of sebum and distribute dirt from your fingers in your hair. Then you shouldn't be surprised about oily hair.

What can men do about oily hair?

If your sebum glands are hyperactive, mild anti-fat shampoos usually help quickly and effectively. They contain a high concentration of washing-active substances, so-called surfactants, but deliberately do not contain lipid-replenishing ingredients

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If your oily hair is caused by increased sweating or running your hand through your hair, shampoos for oily hair are of little use. Then rather mild shampoos for daily washing promise a remedy. Men with greasy hair should avoid conditioner altogether, or really only apply it to the tips, which is difficult with short hair.

What is the best way to style men’s greasy hair?

Try a dry shampoo: The fine powder particles absorb excess fat and are then combed out again - the hair gets a grip. Anyone struggling with thin hair should use volume powder. Simply apply to your fingertips, rub briefly and then gently massage the hairline. This gives the hair stand and conceals a slight greasy shine.

Intensive hair care makes dry hair supple

The opposite of greasy hair: if your hair is wiry and stubborn and doesn't start to look straggly until days after you've washed it, you have dry hair.

What are the causes of dry hair in men?

Dry hair often looks fluffy, strawy, and dull. This may be because your sebum glands are not producing enough fat on your head. When hair is damaged - for example by sun or hair colouring - the hair loses moisture because the protective cuticle of the hair has broken open.

What can men do about dry hair?

Shampoo especially for dry hair contains less drying foam and more lipid-replenishing substances. Proteins fill porous areas and protect against further drying out. Give your hair a conditioner after every shampoo. The moisturizers and repair substances contained in it wrap around every single hair like an extremely fine protective film, repair breaks, and smooth the cuticle. Grooming tip: A pea-sized blob of body lotion in towel-dried hair can do it on the go.

How do you style dry hair properly?

If possible, only use alcohol-free styling products. Because alcohol dries up. Hair wax is generally better than gel for dry hair. If you blow-dry a lot to style your hair, you should apply heat protection to your hair beforehand and set the blow dryer to a low temperature.

This is how fine hair looks like more

Fine hair lies closer to the scalp, making it seem powerless and greasy faster. Volume shampoos are the best choice for men with thin hair. When it comes to styling, products with a puffy effect help to make the hair look more.

What are the causes of fine hair?

Men with fine hair often fear that they have less hair than others. The hair diameter is only smaller: it is on average between 0.05 to 0.07 millimetres. Anything below is known as thin hair. The genes are to blame. How thick the individual hairs grow out of the head is recorded in the genome.

How do men properly care for fine hair?

Be sure to wash fine hair with special volume shampoos. They contain polymers that coat each individual hair and thus artificially thicken it. Ceramides and panthenol settle in gaps in the hair shaft, making the hair healthier and more voluminous.

Do you also suffer from dandruff or dry hair? Then choose a shampoo that is tailored to this problem - a product especially for fine hair with an anti-dandruff effect or a shampoo for fine hair that provides a lot of moisture.

How do you style fine hair to make it look more?

For styling thin hair, for example, hair powder from shaker cans, which are massaged on the hairline. Hair wax or gel weighs down fine hair and is therefore not a good choice. Grooming tip: blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction you plan to wear it later. This brings a stand in the approach and makes the hair look fuller.

Proper care can reduce hair loss

Half of the men over the age of 20 can expect to lose their hair. Where 100 hairs a day is normal - only when the number is noticeably higher should you think about ways and means against hair loss.

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What are the reasons for hair thinning?

Often the genes are to blame. But stress, certain medications, or an undersupply of nutrients can also be responsible. Make sure to have a doctor clarify the cause. He may also prescribe special medication for hair loss.

Which hair care products help against hair loss?

Hair loss shampoos stimulate blood circulation but only work properly in combination with caffeinated hair tonic. They are able to supply blood to deeper layers of the scalp so that still active follicles can produce stronger hair, which results in a fuller hair appearance. You can also apply medical foam with 🛒 the active ingredient minoxidil in the evening (from the pharmacy). Just be patient: results will only show up after six months. Also effective: regular head massages.

How do men style their hair when it's getting thinner and thinner?

Ideally with a mattifying styling paste. Rub a pea-sized blob in the palms of your hands and spread the product between your fingers. Then run your fingers into your hair from below and so to speak puff it up. Accentuate a few strands, done. Many men make the mistake of simply painting the product from the top. As a result, the hair is pressed flat against the head and looks even less.

To ask? In order to answer everything about hair and scalp once and for all, we have put together this special topic for you. So, click through the following articles, read everything carefully, and tackle your hair problems!

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