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 Is body hair annoying or desired? To what extent are they ok and when does it get too much? The hair on the skin is also controversial among men. While some would like their bodies to be completely smooth, others appreciate their fur. But even in this case, people like to prune here and there. But what speaks for and what against hair removal? The Starrymille blog gets to the bottom of the subject.

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Hair removal: largely standard today

A smooth chest and depilated armpits are now quite normal for many men. Others tackle every hair below the head, while others are more concerned about the genital area. The world of women has also got used to the new smoothness and not infrequently demands it. But hair removal also has advantages that are less related to optics or the world of women:


Hair removal is common practice in some sports. In bodybuilding, every hair disturbs the look in competition. Sometimes hair removal has solid health reasons, such as in cycling: shaved legs are easier to treat after a fall than unshaven ones. Small stones are now more visible and are not covered by hair.


This point is debatable. For many men, hair is an obstacle to daily hygiene. Especially in the armpit and genital area, it is simply easier to keep yourself clean when there is no hair. Others, however, argue that the hair carries the sweat away.


Ultimately, that's the crucial point. If a man feels more comfortable with hair removed from his head (and beard), that is ultimately the decisive argument.

As in life, it's not just black or white, all or nothing. There are too many gradations in hair removal for that. Armpits, chest, genital area and legs - some men shave or wax everything, others just part of it.

Are there any disadvantages to hair removal?

Yes! Naturally. The biggest disadvantage is the effort. Depending on the hair removal method, men have to invest more or less time in their smooth skin. In addition, there are other disadvantages for the lords of creation:


Even hair removal on your own costs money. The cheapest option is certainly to shave, but with new blades, shaving cream and skincare, the expenses add up over time. Waxing, like sugar ringing, is not possible without outside help. Professional depilation every few weeks is reflected in the expenses.


The hair grows in every now and then, which can lead to inflammation. Depending on the part of the body, this is extremely uncomfortable. In many cases, gentlemen have to test for themselves which depilation method is associated with the least irritation for them.


Anything that grabs the hair by the root causes pain. Peeling off a wax strip on the leg or chest can be tough, hair removal in the genital area is a completely different bang.

Hair utility

Body hair is also used to protect the skin. Everyone can try it out for themselves by holding a depilated and an untreated leg to nettles. A thick hair could also represent a certain protection from the sun. In addition, hair helps in the cold, although the effect is negligible in today's times thanks to modern clothing.

What should be considered when removing hair?

The removal of body hair is time-consuming, time-consuming and costly. This also applies to permanent removal methods, because these usually have to be repeated several times until they bring lasting success.

Any method inevitably irritates them. Most men know from personal experience how much a bare razor can irritate the skin. Methods that remove the hair by the root also irritate below the surface of the skin. Therefore, maintenance is a must. There are various possibilities.

Depilatory creams

They are applied, act for some time and then scraped off with a spatula. The products attack and destroy the hair, so the cream can remove it. If you want to buy depilatory cream, you should take a closer look at the various products beforehand or try them out if necessary. Dark body hair in particular often requires several passes, which can increase skin irritation. It is advisable to try each depilatory cream on a small area of the body first to ensure that there is no allergic reaction.

Shaving aids

Theoretically, the shaving foam can be used from the beard on for the body hair. However, it is better to use other foams or creams for the body that also protect the skin over a large area. Quite a few men consciously use shaving creams for women for full body shaving. Important: Refrain from (cheap) ladies' razors. Even many women specifically target men's razors because they are more durable.

Wax, sugar, epilator

Wax and sugar pastes can both be used at home, but applying them on the back is complicated. Epilators do the same job, but they are electric. But be careful: the skin must be cared for so that the hair does not grow in.

Permanent removal

This radical step can now also be carried out at home, but a professional studio is recommended. Since the devices have to be tailored to your own skin as much as possible, the know-how of specialists is necessary. How many treatments are necessary before nothing more sprouts depends on the method, hair growth and hair shape.

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Conclusion: your own decision

When it comes to body hair removal, men should not listen to others, only to themselves. It remains to be seen whether it is hygienic or serves a specific purpose. If you decide to have hair removed, you should first use the razor to see whether the result is appealing to you. For permanent body hair removal, however, shaving is usually not ideal because it has to be repeated every two days and is therefore quite time-consuming. Waxing, sugering, epilation and depilatory creams offer hair freedom for up to two weeks. Professional hair removal using techniques that permanently destroy the roots of the hair is permanent.
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