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5 must-have grooming products for men

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Cosmetics seem unnecessary to many men. But men's skin also needs to be cared for. Not only to combat facial wrinkles but also to soothe dry and stressed skin and prevent skin problems such as razor burn and unpleasant skin irritation. Here are our 5 must-have grooming products for men:

1. Face cream

Still taboo for many men - but a good face cream should also be a matter of course for men. Because men also get dry skin - regardless of whether you are mainly indoors and your skin there suffers from the dry air from heating or air conditioning, or whether you are outdoors a lot, where the wind and sundry out the skin - the completely normal one Everyday life demands a lot from your skin. Dry skin is often uncomfortable, irritated and wrinkled. That is why good facial care is our number 1 when it comes to caring products for men.

The right face cream for men

It is best to use classic moisturizers, for example from Kiehl's or Biotherm Homme. It supplies the skin with important moisture, is well tolerated and is quickly absorbed without leaving a noticeable film. It is best to use your facial care daily, just right after showering. Try it out - you will love it!

2. After-shave products

A fresh shave starts the day well. But shaving is often irritating to the skin of the face. No wonder: the razor blade not only cuts off the whiskers but also removes the top layer of skin. The result is red skin, dry spots, and sometimes pimples. To counteract this, you should use an after-shave product after every shave.

Aftershave aftershave

If your skin is rather oily and occasionally prone to blackheads and pimples, a classic aftershave, for example from Dior, which is now usually simply called "After Shave", is a good choice. It has a high alcohol content and so disinfects the skin after shaving. Bacteria, which can lead to small inflammations, are killed and the development of pimples and shaving rashes is counteracted.

Aftershave lotion

On the other hand, those who tend to have dry skin that tenses after shaving and develop dry, reddened spots, should use a gentler after-shave lotion e.g. from Knize or a rich after-shave balm, e.g. from Juvena, well advised. It supplies dry skin that is irritated and dry after shaving with moisture and helps the top layer of skin to regenerate quickly.

3. UV protection

Have you ever had a sunburn? Quite uncomfortable - or really painful, depending on how badly you've burned yourself. Sunburn is extremely unhealthy and increases the likelihood of developing skin cancer. So it's no fun - that's why reliable UV protection, e.g. from Shiseido, is also a must for men and is one of the most important care products for men.

When do you use sunscreen?

Whether you go mountain biking on the weekend, jogging during your lunch break, skiing in winter or surfing in summer: don't forget the sunscreen! Whenever you are outdoors for more than 15 minutes while the sun is shining, you should provide your face and other bare skin areas (neck, forearms, neck ...) with UV protection. Rely on the highest possible protection factor - a factor of 30 and up is a safe choice. So you are protected against sunburn for as long as possible with a single lotion.

4. Deodorant

Who doesn't know that - it gets hectic at work, you get into a heated car or the overcrowded subway or it gets really warm while cycling. The result: you sweat. Actually, a clever reaction of the body to a rise in body temperature: the moisture in the sweat evaporates on the skin and thus cools it. Unfortunately, sweat reacts with the bacteria that are normally found on our skin. The result: an unpleasant smell. To prevent this, there are two different products:


The classic deodorants, e.g. from DR Harris, have a disinfectant effect. They are mostly alcohol-based and kill the bacteria that develop unpleasant odours when combined with sweat. In addition, they are usually perfumed and have a pleasant smell.


Antiperspirants, e.g. from Tommy Hilfiger, usually contain aluminium salts that block the sweat glands. The flow of sweat is inhibited and so the formation of odours is reduced. They are usually also perfumed.

5. Hand cream

Men's hands are strained. Not just the hands of craftsmen who - nomen est omen - work with their hands. Office workers' hands are also much more often exposed to the elements such as sun, wind and cold. Frequent hand washing and disinfection also dries out the skin on the hands. The result: dry, cracked skin, especially around the nail bed and on the finger joints, which reacts sensitively to any further stress. Hand cream, for example from Anthony For Men, helps against this.

Apply hand cream

Hand cream is usually particularly thick in consistency, more like a gel than milk. This makes it particularly easy to dose and apply. Tense skin and painful cracks and injuries are soothed, dry skin becomes softer and more elastic again and therefore more resilient. It is best to put your hand cream directly by the sink and use it after every hand washing. If you only use an amount the size of a pea or bean, the entire cream will be absorbed quickly and there will be no unpleasant, greasy film. A little tip: stroke your lips with a freshly washed and freshly creamed fingertip - this will also prevent your lips from becoming dry!

These were our top 5 grooming products for men. Would you like more information, news and entertainment on the subject of men's cosmetics and fashion for men? Take a look at Starrymille blog 

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