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The Ultimate T-Shirt Guide: How to Find a Perfectly Fitting T-Shirt for Your Size and Style

Most of us arguably spend more time in a t-shirt than any other piece of clothing (except your underwear, hopefully). In fact, the plain t-shirt is so commonplace that the art of sizing doesn't quite get the attention it deserves. Rather than bulk buying simple shirts, take the time to find a shirt that fits you perfectly because there is no easier way to make your look more fashionable.

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It's easy to see why t-shirts are so popular. In the age of athleisure, comfort is at the top of the priority list. Formal wear is becoming increasingly rare. There is hardly a more comfortable piece of clothing than a well-fitting T-shirt that is neither too tight nor too loose, without scratchy labels or an annoying, stiff collar.

They are also the most versatile piece of clothing. Some only wear T-shirts for activities that are not fashionable - during sports, while sleeping, while lazing around at home. But t-shirts have long been a way of expressing your individual style. This can be through a certain cut, a striking colour or a distinctive print. The imagination knows no limits.

Because just because they're comfortable and versatile doesn't mean t-shirts can't be fashionable. A plain-coloured T-shirt looks more elegant, especially in combination with elegant trousers and shoes, while colour combinations with other items of clothing can create a striking effect. You can wear a t-shirt under an open shirt to break up a tough look or wear it under a sweater when it's particularly cold outside.

A t-shirt can become your all-time favourite piece of clothing, but only if it fits properly, which can be harder than it sounds. This is where we come in because we have the ultimate guide to the perfect fit:

Choose the t-shirt with the right fit

Which size do you have?

A perfect fit means different things for everyone, but per see, you should choose a t-shirt that flatters your body shape. The problem: The sizes vary depending on the brand - in one store you might wear M, in the next you might need L or just S.

It's best to take your chest and length measurements, which you can compare with the brand's size specifications, to be absolutely sure. However, often the only way to find out whether an item of clothing really fits is to try it on. Once you've tried it on in the locker room, it can be difficult to know if it will fit just right. That brings us to our next section ...

How do you know if a t-shirt will fit?

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A t-shirt shouldn't be too loose, or it will hang like a sack and make you look misshapen. If it's too tight, on the other hand, it shows your unflattering contours - even if you have a perfectly trained upper body, you are not necessarily doing yourself a favour with a super tight T-shirt. If you are slim, choose a T-shirt with a fitted torso so you don't get "swallowed". If you have a little extra on your ribs, choose a cut that gives you a little more room.


When you raise your arms, the hem of the shirt shouldn't slide up and expose your stomach. As a general guideline, it should reach lower than your hips, an inch or two below your waistline, but not down to your legs. In certain circles, such as B. with skaters, however, oversized T-shirts are all the rage.


The fit around the shoulders is the easiest way to tell if a shirt fits you properly. The seam along your shoulders should extend across the middle of your shoulder to the top of your arm. If that's true, everything else should automatically fit. The sleeves should typically reach halfway up your upper arm, although some men's T-shirts have sleeves sewn for a "muscle fit" that flatters the definition of your biceps.

How to choose a t-shirt for your body shape

According to most health and style experts, men's body shapes can be broadly divided into the following five categories. Knowing how your body fits into these categories is very helpful in figuring out which styles would fit best - or might be the most flattering.

male body shapes pack

Rectangular - with four in ten men having a rectangular physique, this is the most common male body shape. It consists of a relatively flat torso with similar widths at the shoulders and waist. A classic or slim fit is the most flattering.

Oval - Similar to the rectangle, oval bodies have a larger frame with a wider centre. A classic fit or an oversize cut will best suit this body type.

Triangle - also described as the pear body shape, this body shape has wider hips and buttocks, with a defined waist and slender arms and shoulders. A slim-fitting t-shirt will accentuate the waist.

Hourglass - this body shape has even hip and chest measurements, with a narrower waist. A slim or classic cut will be flattering here.

Inverted triangle - also known as the apple shape, this means wider shoulders and bust, with narrower hips. A slim-fit t-shirt will accentuate the shoulders, but a straighter cut will make for a more even look.

Round - a round body shape has a large bust and a larger midsection - a classic cut will give the most relaxed, flattering look.

Choosing the right fitting t-shirt

Pick a t-shirt based on the style

  • Slim
    • Slim-fit t-shirts are best for those looking for an athletic, “muscular”, or body-hugging fit. This cut hugs the body more closely and the sleeves are cut tighter on the arms. For a really sporty fit, choose t-shirts that are made of more stretchy material so that the sleeves can stretch around the arm muscles while the rest of the t-shirt is snug against the body.

  • Classic
    • The classic cut is elegant and flattering, with well-fitting shoulders and sleeves that comfortably have plenty of room around the arms. It should fall straight and not be too long

  • Baggy
    • The oversize t-shirt has become increasingly popular in recent years. You can choose a t-shirt that is specifically cut that way - which means it fits better around the torso - or you can just opt for a size or two larger. While the baggy shirt used to be associated with the skater or hip-hop look, it has long since made its way into the mainstream. A quality oversized t-shirt in black or white can look absolutely smart if worn properly.

What if you don't fit the standard size?

For tall men, in particular, finding suitable off-the-shelf clothing can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But that need not be. The Dutch fashion label Girav has been specializing in long sizes for men for over ten years. If clothing in standard sizes is often too short or too loose for you, you can finally find high-quality, long T-shirts from Girav in perfectly fitting sizes thanks to a sizing system that we developed in-house.

The secret behind the perfectly fitting T-shirt? In his size system, Girav takes into account not only body size but also weight and body structure. Men can choose T-shirts in 3 different lengths and a total of 17 sizes. The practical size finder in the webshop offers support in choosing the right fit.

In addition to the ingenious T-shirt concept, Girav now also offers high-quality polo shirts, cardigans, pullovers, sports shirts and more for tall men.

Because as much as we would like, we can't just wear T-shirts - even when they finally fit perfectly ...

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