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11 things a man must do in his life

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A subject as old as humanity: what should a man achieve in this life, what should he strive for? Money, Power, Fame, Fortune, or Family? The Starrymille blog has 11 suggestions.

1. Be happy

Our life consists only of a series of moments. Do not get caught up in futile quarrelling with the past and do not chase castles in the air in the distant future. Both are illusions of your head and rob you of the real challenges of your life. Every day is a gift! Better to be an optimist who is wrong than a pessimist who is right!

2. Accept yourself

Learn to accept your strengths and weaknesses. You are a valuable person. If you don't love yourself, no one else will love you either.

3. Work on yourself

Accept yourself, but learn from your mistakes as a child does. Everyone can make mistakes, but they shouldn't happen more often. Accept valid criticism, but don't let the outside convince you of feelings of guilt. These are bad companions on your life path.

4. Seize opportunities

In life, there are always opportunities. Take hold of it. Nothing ventured nothing gained! It is better to be brave and fail from time to time than to mourn repeatedly missed opportunities.

5. Attach yourself to another person

At some point puberty ends, the embarrassing notes, the sweaty hands and the nervous giggles. Take a look around the open market, gain experience and when you have found the right partner, then you dare to enter into a deep connection. The constant multi-options otherwise slowly but surely lead to not really getting involved in anything and ultimately being left alone.

6. Father a child

That is your primary biological purpose. A dog or stroller is not a substitute. Many only realize this when their time is up. There is nothing in the world to replace and watch your child grow up and grow up. And the prospect of having grandchildren in old age is worth more than a high pension.

7. Be a good father to your child

Just fathering children is not enough, you may have passed on your good genes, but you should also impart your most important life lessons to the new citizen: love, respect, decency, freedom and trust.

8. Make peace with your parents

If you have a dispute, resolve it immediately and forever. It's later than you think. If you miss this window of time, you may regret it for the rest of your life.

9. Do volunteer work

Countless studies have proven: selfless help for other people makes you happy and you get twice what you have given back. In addition, for example, caring for and working with children, handicapped or frail people or the commitment to animals and nature changes one's own perspective on life.

10. Write a book

The length doesn't matter, for example, you could write down the lessons of your life in the form of a classic biography, story, poem or illustrated book. A written book is your legacy to the world and will continue to speak even after you are forever silent. Who wouldn't want a personal book from their grandfather?

11. Travel to a foreign country

What is meant is not an all-inclusive package tour to a shielded tourist bunker in an exotic country. You should travel really far away and, if possible, alone. You should also do without unnecessary comfort. If you really get involved with the country and its people, your horizons will change forever.

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