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Scary night: Last minute Halloween costumes for men

Young friends having fun at halloween party

 Soon it will be that time again and Halloween is just around the corner. The American custom has long since arrived in the world and is celebrated by children as well as adults. While the children make the neighbourhood unsafe in creepy costumes, the adults meet at costume parties and present their scary costumes. Of course, it's not just about the highest possible horror factor, but about unusual ideas and very own costume designs. If you got sweaty because of work or other reasons to get yourself a disguise, we have put together a few last-minute Halloween costumes here.

So that you are prepared for the next costume party on Halloween and want to frighten your friends, we have collected some great costume ideas, especially for men. The nice thing about all costume ideas is that they can be copied quickly and easily and are therefore perfect if you need a suitable costume at the last minute.

The Vampire

The Vampire

Let's start with a classic Halloween costume: the vampire. These costumes can be seen in a wide variety of designs and variations and they can be designed quickly yourself. We'll show you a possible idea for a vampire costume that you can easily create at home and of course, adapt as you wish.

What you need for it

  • Black pants
  • A white top (a frilled shirt would be perfect)
  • A black cloak
  • Make-up (white and red)
  • Eyeliner
  • Red lipstick
  • Coloured contact lenses
  • A plastic set of teeth


The first thing to do is to start by applying makeup to your face. In order to depict the bloodless, pale, and cold skin of a vampire, you will most likely need a little extra help. To do this, use a moisturizer on your face first so that your skin is not irritated too much by the makeup. Now you apply the white make-up with a sponge. Make sure that you distribute these evenly, otherwise, there may be unsightly stains. Finally, you can use some baby powder to fix the white make-up.

There are also a few things to consider with the eyes of a vampire. To get the terrifying look of undead, first, trace the outline of your eyes with an eyeliner. You can get a visual contrast to the light complexion of your skin with a little eyeshadow. The advantage here is that your facial features appear more defined. However, if you have to go quickly, you can do without it.

Coloured contact lenses also look great. You can get these at almost every costume dealer or in a number of online shops. These lenses give your costume the perfect touch and make you look terribly scary.

As a vampire, you should also style your hair accordingly. A dishevelled look is recommended here, which is best achieved with a little hairspray.

Finally, you can apply some red lipstick, which is also good for the colour contrast. Optionally, you can spread some fake blood on your clothes or the corners of your mouth as a sign that you have just eaten. Now insert the vampire's teeth and your costume is perfect.

The Mummy

The Mummy

If you really don't have any more preparation time and you are totally sweaty on Halloween, but still don't want to appear at the party without a costume, there is still a solution. A costume that can be implemented very quickly with a few things that almost everyone should have at home is the mummy.

What you need for it

  • White pants and a white top
  • Gauze bandages or, alternatively, a white sheet or cloth
  • Make-up (white and black)
  • Safety pins


First, put on your white clothes. Ideally, you should also have white shoes. If you don't have a certain item of clothing in white, try to borrow it quickly. For the upper body, it is best to wear a sweater or a long-sleeved T-shirt. The latter is a bit more suitable as it is not that warm.

In the next step, you take the gauze bandages and wrap yourself completely with them. If you don't have enough gauze bandages in the house, you can also use a bed sheet or large white cloth and cut it into smaller strips. Leave a small "viewing window" free for the area around your eyes. There you completely make-up with the white make-up. To perfect the look of a dead mummy, you should also use some black make-up and apply it around your eyes.

So that your gauze bandages or strips of fabric sit properly and don't slip constantly during the evening, you can fix them with some safety pins. Optionally, you can of course also put on coloured contact lenses with this costume, so that you look particularly scary. But even without a lens, the mummy is a simple and easy costume that can be easily reproduced with a great look.

The dementor

The dementor

A Harry Potter costume can be seen at least once at almost every costume party. If you still want to show the world what a huge Harry Potter fan you are and at the same time want to have a totally creepy and easy create a costume, then we have a great tip for you. Try yourself as a dementor. The absolutely creepy figures are ideal as Halloween costumes and you don't need many things for them.

What you need for it

  • A large grey cloth or sheet
  • A smaller grey cloth
  • Various grey and black scraps of fabric
  • Black and grey gloves


The dementor is particularly simple and therefore perfect for the list of last-minute Halloween costumes. The instructions are correspondingly easy because there isn't too much to say about this. Put on dark clothes and black or grey gloves.

Now you take the large sheet or cloth and cut an opening for your head. Just make sure that the cloth is the same length on all sides. You use the smaller cloth as a kind of mask. To do this, you cut appropriate openings for the eyes and mouth and wrap them around your head. Your neck should also be completely covered and no skin should be visible.

You can optimize the costume a little with the smaller scraps of fabric and provide nice little details. Because the cloaks of the Dementors from Harry Potter are known to be quite frayed and torn. To do this, simply glue or sew the small scraps to your cloak.

The zombie

The zombie
Another classic among Halloween costumes, which can also be implemented quickly and easily, is the zombie. Here, too, there are of course the most diverse variations and sometimes really complex costumes with elaborate special effects. However, since this is about quick costume ideas, which you can quickly implement with little effort, we are only showing you a very simple basic variant.

What you need for it

  • Old or broken clothes
  • Fake blood
  • Make-up
  • Coloured contact lenses


The classic zombie costume is relatively simple. All you need is some old, preferably broken, clothes. A hole here and there or some unsightly stains are perfect. Then you take some fake blood and let it drip onto your clothes. No matter if it is splashes or big blood stains, the main thing is that everyone sees that you are a bloody zombie looking for human brains. Let the fake blood dry out well so that it looks like the bloody stains on your clothing are older. To give yourself the perfect dirty zombie look, you can take some dirt or dirt from the garden and spread it generously on your clothes. After all, you just woke up from the dead.

Now you have to put on your make-up accordingly. You are (hopefully) not the right paleness for a zombie. A bit of white make-up, with which you prime your skin, will help you here. With black make-up, you can then set some accents and make up a sunken face. This underlines your undead look. You can give your hair the shaggy look with some hairspray.

Basically, your costume is now ready. However, if you still have the time and inclination, you can refine your costume. There are disgusting flesh wounds to stick on or put on on the Internet and at many costume dealers. With it you underline your wonderfully putrid zombie look even better. You can round off your costume perfectly by using coloured contact lenses. White lenses with black irises are best. These give you the typical look of a zombie, as you know from films. Alternatively, other colours are also possible. The main thing is that you look beautiful, terrible and terrifying.

Here are a few more suggestions for last-minute Halloween costumes

Here are a few great Halloween makeup ideas for men that work great even without a special costume:

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