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[Guide] Casual look men

Nonchalance and looseness are definitely in the foreground in the casual look for men. We show where, when and how you can combine the cool look!

The definition of the casual look

It can be “relaxed”, “casual”, “informal” when speaking of a “casual look” for men. Applied specifically to clothing, men can in this case wear a hoodie or hoodie with casual jeans, as well as a T-shirt or even a sweatshirt.

The main thing is to be convenient and uncomplicated. Conventions do not apply here, your favourite T-shirt and relaxation trousers can be worn just as easily as jeans or a knitted sweater.

The hair does not have to be styled accurately with the casual look, since this is a leisure look. For this reason, you can also combine very casual shorts, shirts with mules with the casual style in summer.

black man wearing white clothes

The casual style in business

Honestly? The casual look in business life is a contradiction in terms and therefore not allowed - unless you run a beach bar in Jamaica. Then you can of course also appear in a sleeveless shirt and shorts for your daily work and dress completely "casual".

But if you have an office job and exude credibility and want to be taken seriously, you should, by definition, keep your hands off the casual look in the office.

Young handsome man model posing in the street

Business casual as an alternative for the office

For men who work in the IT industry, in agencies or in a relaxed office atmosphere, business casual - also known as smart casual - would be the perfect outfit alternative. A dark suit plus tie is not mandatory, dark or plain-coloured trousers can also be combined with a shirt or polo shirt. In agencies or the IT industry, jeans and sneakers are also quite common and permitted.

A discreetly patterned or plaid shirt is perfectly fine for the business casual look, while coarse checked shirts in the lumberjack style are again only reserved for the casual look and leisure time. Exception: You work in the fashion or creative sector and know that you are making a statement with it.

Brands and looks for the casual style

Typical brands for the casual look are certainly Stone Island, Yeezy and Superdry. Here you can find everything you need for casual styling. Casual and trendy T-shirts, jeans and shorts - you are well equipped for a relaxed look.

Jack & Jones, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are suitable labels for business casual. 

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