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6 turbo tips that will speed up your hair growth

 Do you want to grow out a bad cut quickly or grow your hair from short to long? It's faster with these 6 tips

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Everyone knows that: the hairdresser visit was mediocre and when you go out you pull out the phone to google how to accelerate hair growth. But can that even work? We asked experts. So it's good that you ended up here.

How fast does hair grow anyway?

On the head an average of about 1 to 1.5 cm a month - that makes 12 to 18 cm a year. If you now think: "One and a half cm a month - that would be nice!", Then you are not alone. After all, we are talking about a mean value here. In other words, some hair grows even faster and others a little slower. No reason to worry.

My hair is growing slowly, why?

If you feel like your hair is growing slo-mo, it could be for a number of reasons. How fast the strands sprout in each individual mainly depends on the genes. "Stress is also often the cause - for example from work or illness and strong medication," says Julia Dieck, master hairdresser and owner of the Salon Nova Hairstudio in Hamburg.

"In times of stress, the body switches to 'emergency care' and mainly supplies the vital organs with vitamins and minerals - the scalp and hair are now the least of its worries." Speaking of nutrients: Deficiencies can also be to blame for poor growth. 

How can I accelerate hair growth?

Good news for men with slow-growing hair: With the right tips and tricks, you can actually support your hair growth immensely. As follows:

1. First, change your diet so that the hair grows better

Eating a healthy diet plays an important role in how fast your hair grows. White flour and refined sugar can cause inflammation around the hair follicle. With the result that the hair does not grow back at all or only grows back very thinly. Other foods support growth. According to dermatologist and hair specialist Dr Christian Merkel from the Skin and Laser Center at the Opera in Munich:

  • Nuts because they are rich in growth-promoting omega-3 fatty acids, copper and biotin.
  • Avocados, as they also contain vitamins B, C and E in addition to folic and good fatty acids.
  • Fish because it is high in iron, omega-3 fatty acids and essential proteins.

Do you have the feeling that your hair is not only growing slowly but is also growing less and less? Even then, you should take a close look at your diet. These are the best foods for hair loss.

2. Go for hair growth supplements now

"If, despite all of our tips, the hair does not grow as quickly as desired, we recommend a visit to a specialist dermatologist," says Dr. Merkel. "With a professional analysis of the blood, deficiencies can be identified and specifically treated." Food supplements are recommended for this. "The vitamins and minerals in food supplements help supply the body with everything it needs for optimal hair growth," explains Lückemann. However, you should keep in mind that dietary supplements for the hair can only work if there is a deficiency and in no way replace a healthy diet.

3. Be extra gentle on your scalp

"The hair is like plants: they only grow on a good nutrient medium," says Lückemann. So: treat your scalp well and keep it healthy. So get in the habit of shampooing your hair with care when washing and rinsing off any remaining shampoo with lukewarm water. Then do not rub your hair too hard with the towel, but rather "press" it dry. Tip: 🛒 Towels Cotton Black Washcloths Set
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are very absorbent and gentler on the hair and scalp than coarse terry towels. Then blow-dry your hair only lukewarm, because heat stresses the scalp. And the more stressed it is, the worse the growing conditions. By the way: This can also accelerate your beard growth.

4. Pay close attention to the ingredients in your shampoo

If you want your hair to grow faster and fuller, you should take care of it accordingly. It is best to choose hair care products that offer the hair roots an optimal mix of nutrients and at the same time invigorate them, for example, shampoo with caffeine or mint extracts.

Our tip: 🛒 Brickell Men's Products Daily Strengthening Shampoo (from $ 20.00) Shampoo with arginine that activates hair growth. You can find more products with which the mane grows in our overview: The best hair care products to support hair growth.

5. Increase your blood circulation

"Good blood circulation is crucial for healthy hair growth," says Dr Merkel. "Only then will the hair roots be optimally supplied with nutrients." For example, start doing endurance sports to help your blood vessels expand. "Massages of the scalp can also help," says Dr Merkel. And absolutely stop smoking. 

6. Give up your bad habits

Manual stress can prevent the hair from growing quickly and optimally. Those who wear hats and helmets should take care not to pull their hair unnecessarily when putting on and taking off. It's also really bad if you frequently pull your hair up with your hands out of habit. If the hair root is constantly irritated, it reacts irritated and reduces its productivity.

From the right hair care to exercise and nutrition: You now know that there are many ways to optimize your hair growth. A bad haircut is a thing of the past.

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