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With Audible's new arrangement, you can access more than 60,000 hours of book recordings and webcasts for not exactly the expense of Netflix. 

What exactly is Audible Plus?

A subscription to Audible Plus gives you access to a selection of titles from the Audible Originals library, which includes exclusive audiobooks and podcasts written and recorded by well-known authors and personalities. Popular titles include the new James Taylor memoir Break Shot, Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope (read by the former president himself), and Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking (performed by Vanessa Redgrave).

Common's Bluebird Memories, Andy Richter and Yvette Nicole Brown's new podcast, Vroom Vroom, Kate McKinnon's Heads Will Roll, and Rolling Stone reporter Erik Hedegaard's new Charles Manson series, Meeting Manson, are among the most recent podcast releases.

For new subscribers, Audible is currently offering a 30-day free trial, allowing you to test drive the new service.

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The most important thing to understand about Audible Plus is that it does not give you access to the entire Audible library. But that doesn't mean you'll be stuck with a stack of bad books. Audible Plus's library includes newer titles such as St. Vincent's Words + Music, Neil Young's To Feel the Music, and Leonard Cohen's Stranger Music, in addition to classics such as George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Doors of Perception.

You can find a complete list of all titles available as part of Audible Plus here, and you can narrow your search by genre, running time, new arrivals, or average customer review.

Audible stated that it intends to expand the catalogue of Audible Plus over time, making it an even better value the longer you subscribe. Audible Originals are released once a month, so you'll always have something new to listen to on a regular basis. At $7.95 per month, Audible Plus is the best value the company has ever provided, and it's an excellent resource if you want to see if audiobooks are right for you.

Can you read any book with Audible plus?

You can get an Audible Plus subscription for $7.95 a month, which allows you to listen to anything in the Audible Plus collection (which presently has over 11,000 titles)... You also get access to Audible member-only sales and 30% off any additional audiobooks you purchase in addition to your credits.

What is in the audible plus library?

The Plus Catalog, which is included with membership, features Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts, as well as unique series. This incredible repertoire provides members with access to an unrivalled assortment of audio entertainment. The Plus Catalog has a growing assortment that is continuously updated.

Is it true that Audible is free with Amazon Prime?

While an Audible membership does not come free with Amazon Prime, Prime members do benefit from lower membership rates. A selection of Audible books is available for free with your Prime membership, albeit the selection is limited in comparison to the whole Audible catalogue.

Do Audible members get free audiobooks?

Audible is currently offering a free collection of children's stories that you may instantly stream on your preferred device. Members can also listen to free audiobooks from Audible on a variety of themes. The options are updated on a regular basis and include Audible Originals.

Audible Premium Plus vs. Audible Plus

Unlimited listening is available with an Audible Plus subscription, but only to the Audible Plus catalogue. The most notable distinction is that Audible Premium Plus gives one credit per month for an audiobook of the member's choosing from the full Audible catalogue.

How much does Audible Plus cost?

The monthly fee for Audible Plus is $7.95. (cancel anytime).

For a limited time, you can try Audible Plus for free

How much does Audible Premium Plus cost?

The monthly fee for Audible Premium Plus is $14.95. (cancel anytime).

Try Audible Premium Plus for free and get up to two audiobooks

Is Audible Plus worth it?

If you listen to more than one audiobook each month and are satisfied with the selections in the Audible Plus catalogue, I feel Audible Plus is worthwhile. It's a fair deal, comparable to similar services, providing you don't mind not being able to choose a book from the whole Audible collection each month.

Is it worthwhile to pay for Audible Premium Plus?

If you want to listen to at least one audiobook of your choice at a discounted price each month, I feel Audible Premium Plus is worth it. This is what Audible has always provided to customers, in addition to the unique pricing, and it is comparable to similar services. Access to the Audible Plus repertoire for limitless listening is a new perk that distinguishes Audible from its competitors and may persuade you to select Audible over another similar service.

What's the point of Audible membership?

Every month, an Audible subscription entitles you to one credit and two Audible originals. Credit is just the ability to buy one audiobook for free, regardless of its price. There are additional benefits to purchasing an audible subscription. Aside from that, you'll get a 30% discount on any subsequent books you buy.

Do you keep your Audible Plus books if you cancel?

After cancelling your Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership, you will lose access to the Plus Catalog at the conclusion of your billing period. Plus, any Catalog titles you've added to your collection will have a lock icon next to them, and you won't be able to listen to them after you cancel.

If you've never used Audible before, you can get a 30-day free trial of Audible Premium Plus, which includes one credit.

I've been an Audible subscriber on and off for a few years now, and I'm always finding something new or interesting to listen to. The performances (books are frequently read aloud by the author) are also excellent, allowing you to hear how the writer intended their words to be interpreted. I've downloaded the Audible version of books I'd previously read and had a completely different experience.

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