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Best skin care tips against the cold

Best skin care tips against the cold


Dry skin? Why this is a common problem, especially in winter, and which care products are the right ones now

Why does the skin get dry in autumn and winter?

The human body is covered with innumerable sebum glands. Each one produces useful fat, which in total creates a protective lipid film. This protective layer protects the skin from harmful environmental influences and helps to store moisture inside. If the thermometer drops below 8 degrees, the sebum glands work more slowly and produce less fat. At the same time, the skin fat becomes firmer in the cold. Just like a piece of butter that is difficult to spread cold, the sebum is now only distributed moderately. A really bad combination that leads to the protective layer becoming permeable. This allows moisture to escape from the interior and pollutants can penetrate more easily. The result: dry, rough skin that is tight and sometimes even itchy.

What does optimal facial care look like in autumn and winter?

Even if light gels and fluids are otherwise the right choices for your skin, you should now be more careful with care products that have high water content. The reason: If the temperatures drop below freezing point, the water on the skin can downright freeze. You don't have to fear chilblains, but reddening from permanently enlarged veins. Stupid, because the red cheeks only disappear again after an expensive laser treatment.

How do I recognize suitable men's grooming for the winter?

First of all, the consistency. The firmer the cream, the more fatty the product. And vice versa: the more milky and lighter the cream, the richer in water and therefore less suitable. Also make sure that the winter care product contains humectants such as urea, glycerine or panthenol. These ingredients help the skin retain its natural moisture and thus prevent it from drying out. Tip: If you have already found the perfect cream and don't want to do without it in winter, you can simply mix 2 drops of facial oil in your hand before application.

I get pimples from fat creams. What now?

Switching to a fatty cream in winter is actually not a good idea for blemished skin. Rich formulas help retain moisture in the skin, but unfortunately, they can also clog pores and cause pimples in some men. As a rule of thumb, the following applies: Do not change the cream until dry areas of skin appearance with the usual care. Or just mix in a few drops of oil.

The following applies when cleaning in winter: rather seldom

Everyone likes a long and warm shower in autumn and winter. But you should save yourself it as often as possible. Because water, especially hot water, removes fat from already stressed skin and dries it out. The rules against dry skin are, therefore: to bathe or shower less often and use colder water. Then just dab lightly, do not rub and then always Apply cream.

The optimal body care for men in winter

Tip: Apply lotions as soon as you get out of the shower and your skin is still slightly damp. This has two advantages: 
  1. Oily creams are absorbed better and faster on moist skin. 
  2. If the skin is still slightly damp, care can help lock in the moisture in the skin.

Which soap is suitable for dry hands?

Most soaps contain alkalis. This is good for a thorough cleansing but irritates dry skin. Better: Use fatty soaps (for example with lanolin or coconut oil). Although they are not so successful in the fight against dirt, they provide dry skin with additional oil.

This is how you can tell the right-hand cream for dry men's hands

Basically, which hand cream you use plays a subordinate role. The main thing is that you put some cream on your hands at all - ideally, after each time, they come into contact with water. Do you want to do everything right? Then, as with facial care, pay attention to ingredients such as glycerine and urea. If you don't like the feeling of hand cream in everyday life, you should at least apply a thick layer of cream to your hands before going to bed.

What home remedies are there for dry skin in winter?

A popular home remedy for dry skin in winter is to bathe with oatmeal. Simply put 2 cups of finely ground flour in a tub of lukewarm water. This makes the water soft and nourishes the skin.

Dry, rough skin is just plain annoying. So that you don't have to search long in the perfumery or drugstore, we have put together a few ultra-moisturizing care products for every part of the body.

Body care for dry men's skin

Kiehl's Body Care - Creme De Corps

Do you have really dry skin? Then the "Creme de Corps" from Kiehl's is perfect. It is very rich in beta-carotene and coconut seed butter but is still absorbed very quickly. After a few minutes, all that remains is a pleasant care film that is neither sticky nor greasy. The inconspicuous creamy scent is also great. Perfect if you want a neutral base for your perfume. The only catch: the price. However, because you don't need much cream, a tube lasts a really long time. Here you can find even more sustainable care products for men

🛒"Creme de Corps" from Kiehl's, 250 ml

"Lala Retro Whipped Cream" Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

If the thermometer drops below zero, you need particularly intensive, nutrient-rich care such as the "Lala Retro Whipped Cream" from Drunk Elephant. The contained ceramides and omega acids form a barrier that is similar to the skin's own protective acid mantle. The cream helps the skin store moisture and protect itself from environmental influences. What remains is a fine care film that protects the skin from the cold all day long, but never feels uncomfortably greasy.

Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum

Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum

In winter you need vitamin C to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself against colds. The skin is now especially happy about it: because it helps to make UV damage from the summer invisible and smooths the skin - it looks much fresher right away. This serum is our favourite for winter. Because it is formulated anhydrous, it is particularly well-tolerated in the cold and the vitamin C it contains has a longer shelf life and is, therefore, longer effective.

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