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Best Sneaker trends 2022 for men

How many pairs of shoe women treat themselves to every year varies. Statistically, men have two pairs a year. Sneakers are at the top of men's shopping lists. But what are you actually wearing on your feet in 2022? The sneaker trends 2022 are versatile. And they were not unaffected by environmental concerns or the corona pandemic.
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The hype surrounding men's sneakers is entering a new round. All style variants are represented, from hiking sneakers to luxury shoes. Will someone get by with just two new pairs of sneakers in 2022? In any case, that's not enough to serve the sneaker trends of 2022. Maybe you just pick your highlights.

Sneaker trend 1: high-top sneakers

high-top sneakers

High-top sneakers also go well with cargo Bermudas and shorts. But in autumn they find their true calling. Sports fans don't have to go without their basketball-style high-top sneakers this fall. Colourful colours are the order of the day this fall. And the trend colour for autumn is neon yellow. Alternatively, high-tops in red and blue also work. The trend towards white sneakers also applies to high-top sneakers.

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Sneaker trend 2: luxury sneakers

luxury sneakers

Luxury on your feet means relying on exclusive sneaker brands. The sneaker models from Burberry, Gucci and Alexander McQueen are doing well. Luxury sneakers can cost a lot of money - but they also enhance the image and style. In 2022, the luxury labels are focusing on upbeat colours and striking logo prints. With luxury fashion likely to remain a trend in 2022, investing in luxury sneakers is sustainable.

Sneaker trend 3: Ugly trail sneakers

Ugly trail sneakers

Some would classify the 2022 “Ugly Trail” sneakers under the “Dad Sneaker” category. It's about eye-catching sneakers, like the generation of fathers preferred to wear in the nineties. So totally retro. Another name would be "chunky sneaker" because such sneaker models look a bit clumsy compared to others. But the manufacturers of ugly sneakers treat men to a few style updates in addition to the retro effect.

The design seems futuristic in parts. "Dad sneakers" also have thick and profiled soles. This is reminiscent of the look of hiking shoes and hiking boots. Therefore, ugly trail sneakers are also classified under the label "hiking sneakers". The advantage of thick soles: Small people appear a few centimetres taller. This sneaker trend combines four differently named trends. It seems that the Ugly Trail sneakers 2022 are a good investment.

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Sneaker trend 4: Sustainable sneakers

Sustainable sneakers

Nobody can escape the issue of sustainability anymore. Trendsetters were already wearing Veja sneakers as an eco statement in 2021. The fashion industry has now fully committed itself to this topic. Although the concept of sustainability is not always implemented 100 per cent convincingly, the manufacturers are still learning. Environmentally-friendly production methods, alternative, recycled or recyclable materials and environmentally friendly transport routes are expected. Environmentally conscious shoppers are paying more attention to ethical and social correctness. Trendy sneaker brands are Veja, Ethletic - or in the luxury segment Stella McCartney. A sustainable sneaker reduces your own ecological footprint. Participate!

IG Source: Veja

Sneaker trend 5: All white

white sneakers

White sneakers were already in 2021. Now the completely white sneaker is becoming a megatrend. The advantage of white sneakers is that they go with every outfit. All-white sneakers can be found at many manufacturers. The Veja brand decorates its white eco sneakers with colourful leather applications. Other manufacturers follow Veja. According to this, half of all white sneakers are not really all white.

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Swam over it. We don't want everything to look the same. White sneakers require more care to stay bright white. White cotton and mesh sneakers can be washed in the washing machine if necessary. All other sneaker whites are wiped with a damp cloth. All-white sneakers are the mega tip of the influencer scene in 2022.

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Sneaker trend 6: hiking and running sneakers

hiking and running sneakers

We had already dealt with this trend a bit with the “Ugly Trail” sneakers. But the corona pandemic has fueled the trend towards outdoor fun to such an extent that the hiking sneaker deserves its own place in our trend barometer. Hiking sneakers are not entirely new. But the heavily profiled soles have helped many through the Corona lockdowns. Being outside as much as possible has become a national sport. Normal hiking shoes are actually suitable for hiking. However, hiking sneakers only do so. This means that you are not sure-footed on every surface.

Sneaker Trend 7: Red sneakers

red sneakers

Anyone who simply finds white sneakers too boring or impractical could make a styling statement with a bright red or burgundy sneaker. Rich shades of red in all shades look especially cool with denim pants or single-coloured shorts. They are the eye-catchers par excellence. Simple basic clothes in white, beige or dark blue are upgraded with red sneaker models. It doesn't matter whether you prefer red Vans or other models in red.

IG Source: Sneaker News

Sneaker trend 8: Nike Air Max

Nike Air MAX

A long-running sneaker that is now 30 years old - and yet the "Nike Air Max" cannot be killed. On the contrary: it has never been as popular as it is now. The classic sneaker design of this Nike sneaker seems really timeless to survive all shoe fashions. With its low-cut silhouette and iconic sole construction, which features the typical "Nike Air Element", the "Nike Air Max" has become one of the most popular sneakers ever. It is unique and has an unmistakable recognition value. Anyone who is particularly trendy wears the "Air Max" with colourful colourways.

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Sneaker trend 9: skater sneakers

skate sneakers

Casual skater sneakers have been in for a long time and are not only popular with skateboard fans. You can draw attention to yourself with low-cut or high-top sneakers and rely on a variety of colours. The trendy colours of the 2022 season are represented. Skater pros like Stefan Janoski designed THE sneaker highlights for stylish statements.

Sneaker trend 10: Multicolored sneakers

multicolored sneakers

In addition to monochrome sneaker models in white or red, sneakers with several colours also score points. Boredom should not arise in the shoe rack. Sometimes you wear white sneakers with colourful outfits, sometimes colourful sneakers with jeans. The optical eye-catcher ensures the desired focus of attention. Colourful sneakers mean multicoloured models as well as two-tone sneakers in bright yellow, fire red or bright turquoise. All manufacturers offer their own colour combinations.

Sneaker trend 11: suede sneakers

suede sneakers

Nubuck leather or suede is absolutely hip in the 2022 sneaker trends. However, smooth leather sneakers are not completely out. Suede looks casual. It has always been popular and is particularly popular in autumn. The new suede sneaker models can also be worn to the office with chinos.

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