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The Best trending 6 cuts in 2022

 Fancy a new hairstyle, but no idea? Which men's hairstyles are trendy and what do you have to tell your hairdresser.

Best 6 cuts trending in 2022

Not to be despised when it comes to your individual look is the question: what do you have on your head? No, not a hat! It's about the haircut. It is an essential part of your appearance, some would even say that the hairstyle is part and expression of personality.

This is not the only reason why it is important to know what hairstyles will be like in 2022. So here is our trend forecast for the coming months.

Which men's hairstyles are trendy in 2022?

The main thing is casual: no matter how long your hair is, in 2022 it should be as loose as possible. After the accurate fade cuts of the past few years with ultra-short sides and accurately shaved partings, looks with soft contours are now popular.

Does that mean men wear their hair wilder now?

Exactly, I like to work with the given texture and style it casually and naturally. Anyone with curly hair will have a clear advantage in 2022: men's hairstyles with curly hair are very popular right now. Even men's perms are making a comeback. How cool does that look? Scroll through the hairstyle trends 2022 below or click through the hairstyle gallery above and see for yourself.

Is long hair trending for men?

Yes, even more than ever. During the pandemic and related lockdowns, many men let their hair out and never cut it again. The long look is now worn very layered with extreme differences in length. That way there is some play and texture in the hair and it doesn't hang flat.

Which trend from last year will we still see in 2022?

2022 will still be a Barber year - and even more extreme than before. The trend is towards more casual, but still very well-groomed looks. While half of the men are now going for wild, long hair, many men want to do a lot more with their hair on their heads and faces again. We have put together stylish beard hairstyles for you here.

What is no longer possible in 2022?

Undercut and bright, unnatural colours are definitely no longer an issue. Even bangs that reach deep over the eyes are neither hip nor practical in 2022.

Hairstyle trend for men: long hair in a surfer look

long hair in a surfer look

What do I tell my hairdresser? Nothing at first, because the hair has to grow now. By the way, we have written an extra article on how to accelerate hair growth. If the strands reach the chin, ask for a "men bob" with heavy layers in the top hair, at the back of the head and around the face. Then let the mat continue to grow until your hair is over your shoulders.

How do I style it? For the trendy rough structure, spray salt spray (e.g. 🛒 Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray (from $23.00)) into the lengths and let the hair air dry or blow dry - meanwhile knead and twist individual strands. The result is too wild? Then simply rub some styling balm - 🛒 we recommend this from Aesop - in your hands and gently stroke over your hair.

When do I have to trim? Due to the length and the steps, the cut does not grow out visibly. To keep the tips healthy, you should still trim them every 3 months.

Trendy haircut for curls: short sides with longer top hair

short sides with longer top hair

What do I tell my hairdresser? Call for short sides that get longer towards the top hair. If the professional cuts the curls wet, the bangs should reach about the tip of the nose - they curl up when dry and then end up at eye level.

How do I style it? Whether natural or permed, curls tend to dry out quickly. So that the hair retains its bounce, always use a conditioner and before styling, spread a drop of hair oil – 🛒  we love this one from Olapex because it doesn’t make it greasy – in the top hair. Then rub a wax with a slight shine in your hands and twist individual strands into shape with your fingers. 🛒 The product "Gneiss" by Maria Nila was used for the look in the photo.

When do I have to trim? Curls hide a grown out cut. To keep the contour in shape, you should still go to the hairdresser every 6-8 weeks.

Hairstyle trend for short hair: the Brit Pop look

the Brit Pop look

What do I tell my hairdresser? Keep it short: Frayed on the sides and neck, layered top hair that gets longer and longer towards the front and reaches just above the eyebrows.

How do I style it? Apply a pea-sized amount of matting paste to damp hair for volume and the trendy rough texture. We recommend Rough. 🛒 Rider by Kevin.Murphy. Blow-dry your hair forward. Leave the comb and brush to one side, otherwise, it looks too coiffed. Rub another small keck of styling paste into your hands and twist individual strands into shape between your fingers.

When do I have to trim? About every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the contours looking neat. At the latest when the fringe covers the eyebrows

Medium-length men's hairstyle for Afro curls

Medium-length men's hairstyle for Afro curls

What do I tell my hairdresser? That you want to accentuate your natural frizz and want medium-length curls with lots of shine. The ears should be half-covered and the eyebrows should still be visible.

How do I style it? Proper care is more important than styling. The more curly the structure, the more moisture the hair needs. A good moisturizing shampoo like this from 🛒 Cantu (from €5.86) and a nourishing conditioner are therefore a must. A small dab of hair oil (touch it carefully, it quickly becomes greasy!) gives shine and ensures that the curls do not become frizzy. Finally, rub a styling balm-like Easy. 🛒 Rider by Kevin.Murphy in your hands and use it to twirl the curls into shape.

When do I have to trim? Afro curls visually grow slower because they curl so much. This requires patience when growing, but gives you plenty of time between grooming appointments. Cutting every 3 months is enough with good care.

Trend haircut: The Bro Flow replaces the undercut

What do I tell my hairdresser? The forehead should reach at least the tip of the nose. Towards the sides, the hair becomes shorter and shorter without a visible edge. The ears remain free.

How do I style it? Blow your hair back while blow-drying with a small amount of mousse – for example, 🛒 Whip it good from Evo (from $25.45). When everything is completely dry, heat a pea-sized blob of mattifying pomade like 🛒 Clay by Maria Nila between the palms of your hands and run your fingers through the top hair. Do not use any other products, otherwise, the look will quickly appear stiff instead of effortless.

When do I have to trim? Make sure that the hairdresser: textures the ends, i.e. cuts slightly frayed. As a result, the cut falls less accurately and does not grow out too quickly. Trimming every 6 to 8 weeks is sufficient.

Timeless short haircut for men

Timeless short haircut for men

What do I tell my hairdresser? Ask for a classic men's haircut with flowing transitions from the long topcoat to the very short sides. This style never goes out of style!

How do I style it? Put a dab of hair paste such as 🛒  Mitch Clean Cut by Paul Mitchell in the palms of your hands, rub and gently brush back your hair with spread fingers – this is how the hip nineties look is created. Optionally set with hairspray, but never concrete.

When do I have to trim? The short sides grow out quickly - that's why you should visit your hairdresser every 3-4 weeks.

Are you in the mood for a new hairstyle? Then off to the hairdresser, the smartphone out of your pocket, open this page, show your favourite look including the instructions - and nothing can go wrong anymore.

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